For Keith

While at Dad and Keith’s over the holidays, Keith and I took the shepherds up to Caroga Lake to check out the changes made to his father’s old camp. The difference is remarkable! Even though everything was under several feet of snow it was very evident that the new owners have done a lot of work on the main house and the cabins.

As per his request, I brought my camera and took a bunch of photos for Keith. Unfortunately, wrangling three dogs who only want to jump around in the snow is not so great for taking pictures that are in focus. But a promise is a promise, even if it’s three months in the making:

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“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

The problem with blogging more consistently after a long stretch of inactivity and/or sporadic updates is that often everyone has moved on and it feels a lot like you’re talking to yourself. It’s like starting over from the very beginning with gathering readers. It’s harder now, too, because personal blogs have become almost obsolete in the wake of social media and so if you aren’t maintaining an active and very specific blog you’re just not interesting enough to people. Of course, I’ve never put much stock into booming stats or having tons of comments so it’s not all that different for me. Still, it does feel a bit lonely here sometimes. Maybe I should spruce up the design or something.

Anyway, aside from the brief mention of my major depression I haven’t yet gone into detail about my decline in posting. Of particular note to many is that there haven’t been any new photos here in months, which goes in direct contradiction to my proposed plans for getting more serious about my photography. In fact, you might have noticed that it’s been over a year since I had portraits taken, too. Why? Follow the jump or scroll on to find out, but fair warning to those with weak stomachs.

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Christmas Past

Merry, Merry!

Uschi sitting in front of the decorated holiday tree at Colonie Center

Later today Uschi and I will be leaving for Dad’s for some as-yet-to-be-determined length of time and even though I got a lot done yesterday, I still have no less than 80 bagillion things to get done before then.

Anyway, I am very sorry to say that for the first time in many years I didn’t manage to get cards out.1 Nevertheless, I do hope you all have a truly wonderful holiday season, whatever you are celebrating!2

See you all in the new year! *mwahs*

  1. And try as I might, no portrait with Santa for Uschi because the line was ridonkulous!
  2. And doubly so if you aren’t celebrating anything because I very much understand that situation.

Devil’s (Food) Cupcakes

Pans of devil's food cupcakes cooling on racks

You know, the irony of these cupcakes has only just dawned on me.