Weekly Photo Challenge: Round

Tray of brownie cupcakes topped with chocolate buttercream

Of the many cupcakes I’ve made and decorated over the years, these are probably among the more boring looking. But not only are cupcakes themselves round, I like the idea of the swirl of frosting around and around the top. Interestingly, I haven’t made any cupcakes since St. Patty’s Day; am thinking I need to rectify this.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance

Icicles hanging from the roof of my next door neighbor's house

After a teaser of Spring-like weather last week, the Capital District has been back to this winter’s norm of dumping snow from the sky. With highs in the mid-thirties, though, there is some thawing going on. It’s just hard to tell given the mountains of snow, but all I have to do is stand in my driveway and look up at my neighbor’s house to get affirmation that at least some of this great abundance of snow is melting away.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

Uschi lying on her bed, underneath her blanket

The moment I saw this week’s theme I knew exactly the photo I wanted to use. I don’t necessarily plan on using photos of Uschi to satisfy every photo challenge I participate in, but this one was just too perfect not to post. Now off to bed.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity

Uschi staring at herself in the mirror of the tiny bathroom at The Ginger Man

I’ve been meaning to start a weekly post showcasing some of the more interesting photos I’ve managed to capture of a certain guide dog, but just hadn’t managed to get it off the ground. Then I saw this week’s photo challenge and I immediately thought of this photo above that I took this past Tuesday.1 I can’t guarantee that I’ll do this weekly nor that I’ll regularly participate in the photo challenge, but I’ll certainly try!

  1. I’ve previously taken a similar photo of Yara, who was equally interested in this same mirror.