Still Sick

Peanuts comic strip

Yeah, that’s basically how I feel about it, too.

Monday I took Mom and Paul out to lunch for their birthdays and Tuesday morning my mother called and asked me if I thought I had food poisoning. She and Paul had been sick pretty much since they got home, but as I’d been fine I told her I thought maybe they’d caught a bug. We had shared some appetizers, but we all had different things so it seemed unlikely it was food poisoning anyway. She then admitted they’d been feeling almost like they had the flu for a few days before so that was probably it.

Well, I think I caught whatever weird bug they had and I am pretty darn miserable. But at least I know what’s been wrong with me the last few days!

In any case, rest and fluids and all that for me.

Holiday Wishes

Awhile back I was out shopping and I came across a display of Peanuts merchandise. Amongst the plush Snoopy toys and various ornaments was an actual Charlie Brown Christmas tree and I’ve been meaning to blog about this ever since because it totally bowled me over. It’s no secret I’m quite the Peanuts fan.1 It’s something of a tradition of mine to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas and decorate my tree each year and so perhaps I’m a bit too familiar with the meaning behind the animated special. The whole plot centers around Charlie Brown’s disenchantment with holiday season because of all the commercialism and eventually he learns that it doesn’t have to ruin his Christmas. Specifically the little tree he gets is quite symbolic as it’s the only real tree available. How ironic to see a fake version being mass produced . . . and much to my chagrin this has actually been an item available for quite awhile. The mind, it boggles.

Nevertheless, I also saw this and by golly do I want it:

I don’t really understand why it’s priced so high, though. I bought a similar Peanuts ornament last year (for the 60th anniversary of the comic) that features movement and sound and it’s still available for slightly more than half the cost of this one. So, I added it to my wishlist, which is at best an assortment of overpriced items (like the above) and random stuff I’ve arbitrarily added because people ask me what I want and I never have an answer because I’ve always been of a mind that rather than ask for things I should work for them myself.2 Oh, well.

Anyway, on the subject, I received my first holiday gift yesterday. A pen pal of mine from Finland sent me a small package. I haven’t opened it, though. Seems only fair as I haven’t yet begun my own holiday shopping!

  1. Snoopy is literally my hero.
  2. What? I figure this is a good thing. I set goals for myself and have a reward in place as an incentive.