An Update!

I’m posting! This is worthy of mention because I’ve sort of not been doing that. But since no one ever comments on blogs anymore unless it’s someone popular or famous I wouldn’t know if anyone actually cared. I miss when people commented, but I admit I am guilty of the read-and-move-on thing, though I try not to be. However, that new fad where people just reply via Twitter or some other social network will never be one I’ll take up. (It’s a pet peeve of mine, if I wasn’t being blunt enough for you.)

I would blame the not really posting on the burnout from a year of daily posting, which is fair as I haven’t even wanted to read blogs since that’s been completed but I’ll get to that in a bit. I could also blame the not posting on having my time taken up by the massive amount of schoolwork being thrust upon me, but I haven’t been procrastinating on my work and it’s been quite manageable. Okay, I’ve procrastinated a little, but I’ve been surprisingly productive aside from that.

No, actually my lack of presence has been less amusing and completely out of my control. You might recall a brief mention of my ongoing pain issues that stemmed from a stiff neck. Well, that was three weeks ago and I’m still basically in agony and it’s not exclusive to my neck. As it is my hands are really bothering me and it is difficult to type, so I’ll save the meat of all the pain stuff for another post. I’m just slightly better after visiting a chiropractor yesterday, so while I may not necessarily be on the mend I’m hoping things will become more manageable and I can sit at my computer without wanting to sob piteously.

Anyway, my literal non-presence has left me quite a backlog of Internet-related things to catch up on. I am not even going to pretend that I will read all forty bajillion updates that everyone I follow has had. But it does seem that while I was ignoring all the goings-on everyone was suddenly bitten by the blogging bug and started updating more frequently (or, in some cases, period) and at least half of those people have relocated their web-presence. I just went through my sidebar and got rid of all the dead links and updated anyone with a new link, but that is merely a fraction of my RSS reader.

My back and hands are letting me know that I need to be finishing this up.

February 1, 2012

I had all these plans for posting and yet January has gone by with very little of that accomplished. I’m not entirely filled with regret, though, as it really is something of a treat not having the noose of daily posting round my neck.

Especially since the last several days have been filled with quite a lot of pain in that specific area. I have utterly no idea what happened; I woke up Monday morning and felt a twinge of pain when I turned my head just so. By the end of the day I couldn’t move my left arm without excruciating pain radiating the length of it and through portions of my neck, shoulder and back. Thankfully, the issue has lessened over the last two days, but I’m still in a great deal of pain and have only limited mobility in my left arm. It’s made for a bit of a trial in getting much of anything done the last few days, most notably schoolwork and my intended post for this edition’s Assistance Dog Blog Carnival. Through sheer force of will I managed to accomplish the former, and only the barest minimum at that.

Anyway, best end this before I exert the meager amount of ability I have to type. With luck I’ll be back to a more normal blogging routine relatively soon. Or at the very least, I’ll be avoiding the activity through more pleasant means of procrastination.

“Oh, I’m in pain! I think this is what pain feels like!”

In April of 2000 I was in a pretty awful car accident. My friend, her brother, a babysitting charge, my guide dog Dolly, and I were in my friend’s caravan when we crashed head on driver-to-driver with a pickup truck. We all sustained injuries, though I think the most major were to the other driver and myself as we’re the only ones with lasting issues. 1

Aside from being colorfully bruised from head to toe, breaking several ribs and my arm, I also ended up with some lasting ligament damage. I tore some ligaments in the broken arm and I ruptured my PCL. The posterior cruciate ligament is one of four major ligaments in the knee. You might have heard of the ACL, which is the most common knee ligament injury. Especially in athletes. Anyway, the PCL is the opposite ligament and basically holds the shinbone (tibia) onto the thigh bone (femur). Unlike ACL surgery, though PCL’s aren’t so easy to fix and surgery is not necessarily beneficial.

So, I had several months of physical therapy and bitched and complained for the next 8 months about various issues I was having, which consisted of everything from my foot randomly going numb/falling asleep to my leg just giving out on me. Plus my knee popped all the time. And I was in near constant, mind-numbing pain. In December, I had an arthroscopy done on my knee, which has alleviated most  of those issues. My knee doesn’t pop. My foot doesn’t go numb. The swelling in my leg that was present from the day of the accident finally dissipated. And while I do still have some mild ache in my knee and leg, I’m not in constant and agonizing pain.

But it wasn’t a magic fix. I have a bit of trouble standing up sometimes, mostly when I’m getting up off the ground or if I haven’t moved for a long period. My leg does tend to get a bit stiff and on the rare occasion that it does pop it is not without a lot of pain. There’s about a six inch stretch of my shin that has never regained feeling. I still can’t put pressure on the front of my knee, like kneel down on it, since what was the front of my knee is essentially missing. Well, pushed back about an inch. (It’s not super obvious, but you can actually see that my tibia is sunk in a bit.) And that dull ache in my leg and knee (and sometimes my foot) does fluctuate to some pretty incredibly levels at times.

Especially when I slam my knee into things. Like I did today. In fact, I venture that I slammed it the worst that I have done so in the last eleven years. I was getting out of Cindy’s car today and Uschi pulled me just the wrong way and my knee collided with the side of the door. And I went down like a ton of bricks. I literally couldn’t move for the pain. I was actually a bit scared to try and get up, too, since my foot and a good portion of my leg had gone completely numb.

Thankfully, I don’t think any lasting damage has been done. My knee still hurts quite a damn lot, but no more so than I would expect from the giant, multicolored bruise forming.

I am mildly concerned by the tingling sensation in my toes, though. And by “mildly concerned” I mean “obsessively worried to the point that I don’t think I’ll sleep well tonight.” That is if the pain doesn’t keep me up anyway.

  1. At least, I assume as much given the other driver was in his 40s at the time and had his back broken in the accident.