Friday Funny

Cindy stopped by last night to drop off my holiday cards and they are truly adorable. I was going to post the lovely portraits straight away, but thinking on it I realized it’s a bit early yet and while I do love the holiday season, I’m not one to rush it.

Still, this outtake just begs to be shared:

Uschi lying on the floor in front of me, giving me a kiss as I try to contain my laughter

Hamming it Up

Headshot of Uschi lying on a white background

Holiday card portraits were today and I have to say I didn’t really know what to expect. Uschi’s generally not very cooperative when it comes to having her picture taken and we’ve had varying difficulties at past professional shoots. I will say that the cards are phenomenally adorable and I cannot wait to share them. Part of the success is because Cindy is amazingly patient and waits for that exact moment when Uschi’s actually in the perfect position, but also because I incorporated a second photo shoot as sort of a test run. I figured it would help acclimate her and tone down her stress, which seems to increase the difficulty of getting her to cooperate.

The test shoot actually ended up being a boatload of fun and there are some very lovely shots from it. The photo at the top of this post being a good example; I especially love that you can really see the red in her coat. But, as expected, Uschi was very silly, though not in a stressed out way. Mostly, she thought the whole point was to showcase her cuteness and I can’t exactly disagree with that assessment. Her method of choice was to roll on her back or try and crawl onto my lap. Without a doubt my absolute favorite images are of her hamming it up:

As for the actual holiday portraits, well, you’ll have to wait on that a bit. But since everyone is such a fan, here’s an outtake from the shoot:

Uschi leaning in to give me a kiss as I back away


No one likes to see unflattering photos of themselves and while these are in no way grotesque (unless you have a deep aversion to doggy kisses) I readily admit they didn’t make the cut to be featured on this site. However, I mentioned that there were many outtakes from Jean’s photo session with Uschi and me and it sparked some curiosity. I ended up poking through the images and picking a few to share, which then led to an inordinately lengthy browsing of other folders of pictures whereupon I discovered a few other “gems” left unposted.

Long story short, here be a mixture of eclectic portraiture:

Yara in harness lying on the studio prop sofa
Guide dogs do not belong on furniture. Especially in harness. And even more when it is not my furniture. But absolutely they don’t belong on the furniture I’m supposed to sit on during the photo shoot! Bad dog photos do not get posted . . . but now she’s retired so who cares?

Yara rolling around on the backdrop with her tongue lolling out of her mouth
Cindy finds this photo hilarious and as such is quite fond of it. I think Yara looks a might crazy and out of context she’s even a bit scary. So, I yoinked it.

Yara in harness sitting with her tongue sticking out
This basically falls between this photo and this one. Jean rather liked it since it sort of looks like Yara is giving us a raspberry, but I think the reality of knowing she was sucking her tongue back into her mouth led me to cutting it. Also, it unnerves me a bit that Yara’s nose looks so much like a pig’s.

Yara in harness lying on the floor chewing on her plush lamb toy
It’s cute that she’s playing with the lamb, but I was scared she’d rip it to shreds before we got a nice posed shot with it. As I recall she did chew both its ears off before the day was done. Either way it’s long since been thrown out.

Yara in harness lying on the floor with her plush lamb toy upside-down between her front legs
Would have been a keeper if not for the lamb toy mooning us all. Especially since it’s a rare shot that Yara has her mouth closed. See.

Yara in harness lying on the floor licking the backdrop
So close to the desired shot save for the fact that Yara’s licking her fur off the backdrop. Ick.

Me touching noses with a crazy-eyed Uschi
Jean really wanted a photo of us nose-to-nose, but Uschi seemed to think the close proximity of my face meant I wanted a tongue bath. This was as close as we got to the touching nose shot and it was a second before one of those tongue baths and so applicably Uschi has the crazy-eye going for her. She looks demonic and I look awkward, I think.

Me sitting with Uschi lying across my lap looking slightly crazy with her ears back and tongue hanging out of her mouth
This one was cut due to the uber-crazied looking Uschi. I also have an aversion to photos of shepherds with their ears back because out of context it’s interpreted as angry or stressed. For the record, I think I look adorable . . . and I never say that kind of stuff about myself in pictures.

Uschi is lying beside me, giving me a kiss on the face
I can’t decide what horrifies me more: the description I was given by one of the studio’s staff that Uschi’s tongue in this photo makes it look like my lips are down to my chin; or, that this photo was favorited by someone within seconds of me uploading it. Anyway, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this one other than this one is from a second or so later and devoid of dog tongue. I was really disgusted by the doggy kisses, which I think is obvious in the photos but I seem to be in the minority in that belief.