“Red” Flower

As iPhone photos go, I’m actually pretty happy with this one:

Red flower

The red isn’t quite right1, which is something of an issue with the iPhone camera in my experience. But oddly it is far closer to the actual color2 than I was able to achieve when taking the same photo with my Nikon. It’s the first time I’ve run into this issue since I made the leap to a DSLR. I intend to tinker some and see if I can’t pinpoint how to better capture these pretty flowers in front of my house.

  1. Yes, I can actually tell that despite my colorblindness.
  2. I’m told it’s more a burnt orange.

Nikon Coolpix A

Nikon Coolpix AIf I hadn’t already made the leap to a DSLR camera, the new Nikon Coolpix A might have been just the upgrade I had wanted for my P7000. I’m truly fascinated at how much the line is blurring between cameraphones and point-and-shoots, but with the smaller interchangeable lens cameras and these “advanced” compact/point-and-shoots, it would seem that the other direction is also starting to meld, too. Anyway, here’s a nice review here detailing the features.

Gold Box Deal

Nikon Coolpix P7000Today’s Amazon Gold Box Deal is none other than my camera. It’s marked as being 50% off right now at $250, but I’m not sure where it’s being sold for $500 in the first place.

Anyway, my photographic skills are certainly not at a level to truly showcase the great qualities of this camera, but it’s a snazzy little thing and I just happened to notice the deal and thought I would pass it along. ‘Tis the season and all.

I personally have yet to start my holiday shopping. I have a few birthdays to deal with before Christmas and currently they are the main thing I’ve been not shopping for. I have, however, started mailing out holiday cards. So far I’ve sent out all the cards that are going out of the country. With the exception of the people who couldn’t bother to respond with their respective addresses and will subsequently be removed from my list if I don’t hear from them before the rest of the cards go out. If you’ve not gotten a card from me before and are interested in having one arrive in your mailbox, I still have plenty of extras so feel free to send me your address! I figure I’ll be sending out the rest of the cards when I’m back from Yara/house-sitting for my dad, so you’ve a bit more time to let me know.

New Camera

I am still very much under the weather, which has meant my original plans for the day have been cancelled. Instead, I am spending the day snuggled on the sofa with Uschi and enjoying a long marathon (between accidental catnaps) of The Lord of the Rings. You know a movie is superb quality when even I can tell the difference between the original DVDs and the hi-definition copy because WOW!

Nikon Coolpix P7000Anyway, my big news is that I have just clicked “Submit” on the order for a new camera to replace the one that decided to join my external HD in the great beyond. I didn’t have much choice in either of my last two cameras. My little GE was a gift from my father for Christmas and the Kodak I was using for the last year was a replacement for that camera when it died because the store no longer carried that model and it was the only camera in the store within the price range that I could see to use. Both were fine and well, but while my photography skills are decidedly amateur they do exceed either of those cameras. And the Kodak was a bit too clunky for my tastes. So, this time I did my research and I’m fairly pleased with this specific camera. Newegg says I should have it by the end of next week, which is perfect because there are plans for cupcaking and as such a good photograph is necessary.