Happy New Year!

Honestly, even though I feel this year sped by at lightning speed, I am not sorry to see it go. Here’s to 2014!

Also, I find this highly appropriate:

Calvin & Hobbes comic strip panel on New Year's resolutions

The First

If ever there was a busier day to try and cram in three new daily habits it would be today, but with this here post I have officially completed all three. I won’t say I’m entirely satisfied with how any of these played out, but this isn’t about achieving the best results. Maybe later on in the year once I’ve accomplished the habit-building I can start being more critical. For now I’m proud to say that I crammed each of these things in despite many other priorities for the day.

I thought I had a pretty solid system for maintaining myself in terms of accountability what with announcing my intentions yesterday, blogging about my progress, and participating in some challenges related to these activities. But this morning I discovered one other source that I hadn’t expected: Uschi. She observed me while I prepped my usual spot and went through my 40-some-minute routine. And she was very deliberate about it, too, stopping her relentless bone-gnawing anytime she noticed me shifting position. At one point I thought she’d wandered out of the room only to cause her to rustle her collar as I tilted my head to peer into the dining room where she was sprawled out under the table. Her extreme attentiveness actually concerned me as I fully expected her to pounce on me when I was through, but I’m thrilled and relieved to say she is still keeping her good post-yoga behavior. Sometimes she really surprises me with how much she’s matured . . . And then she flings herself at me and stands on her head, so you know, it’s all relative.

Yesterday Brooke texted me, wondering if Uschi had yet destroyed her new toys and I was pleasantly shocked to admit that all were still basically intact. So, of course, hours later she tore into one of the plush toys, dug out its squeaker (which she’d already broken), chewed it to bits and ripped out most of its stuffing. We’ll see how long before the rest face a similar fate.

In totally other news, there is still waiting going on, but it might be coming to an end soon. You cannot imagine my relief. Well, unless you’ve been texting with me for the last few weeks and then you’re probably more aware of how neurotic I am than you actually cared. I have really patient and awesome friends, by the way.

Anyway . . . Happy New Year!