Getting Closer

Code Enforcement returned this morning — not the same investigator who was here before and in fact this one never bothered to introduce himself. But he was nice enough to let me go through room-by-room and show him what had and, more importantly, what hadn’t been done. The next step is for Code to contact the building management about not finishing the work in the allotted time. Management will probably be brought to court, unless an extension is granted, and they will probably be fined. But in either case Code is now responsible for making sure the work does get completed. So, we shall see.

Words Written: 2,078
Total Word Count: 42,094 words

Day 23: 42094 words

On the NaNoWriMo front I’m still managing to retain a buffer over the quota daily word count. It’s not much over the quota at this moment and that’s mostly because I have not been writing Nano every day — though I have been writing something. I’m hoping to get it done before the weekend, but either way I have no fear that I won’t finish the remainder. The novel itself won’t be nearly complete, though, which I think is my main reason for being so lazy about writing it daily. I really am tired to pushing along with this lack of organization and adding to the mess that the book is becoming. So I choose to avoid the issue altogehter for days at a time. Still what’s left won’t damage it any further than it already is — and even if it did I’m sure it would be irreversible enough during the editing process.

Either way, I’ll be happy to have this project done and over. I’m itching for some more free time to read more as my to be read pile is starting to creep up there again.

Capitol Tour

Day 20: 40016 words

Words Written: 5,658 (1,036 written on Wednesday)
Total Word Count: 40,016 words

Before you go cheering me on, I have to admit that my writing updates here have been a bit lax and that total is actually from yesterday (and Wednesday). Interestingly enough 1,993 of those words were written during a 30-minute word sprint on Twitter yesterday!

As for the story, it’s starting to unravel a bit due to my lack of organization in its composition. I wasn’t thoroughly prepared with the story when I started and it’s becoming increasingly haphazard and repetitive due to this. I’ve also had several rather stupendous ideas on how to better tell the story as a whole but since I’ve written so much, I can’t very well change it all right now without basically starting over. I’m just hoping what I have written will be of good enough quality to be a foundation for the novel and not just 50,000 words that I basically throw out as I start the entire book again. Either way, I’ve less than 10,000 words to write before I will have completed NaNoWriMo and for that I’m both excited and exhausted.

Yara and me sitting in front of the EggOn a completely unrelated topic, today me and Yara went on a tour of the State Capitol with Sarah and Fay. A long while back I’d made the suggestion of going on the tour when Sarah had queried me about some “area-type stuff” we might do together that would be a good experience for her foster puppy but our schedules just never managed to mesh with the tour times and eventually we both just forgot all about it. But earlier this week Sarah had texted me about getting together this weekend since she was in town and I was literally transferring a wrong number to OGS.1

Turns out that Saturday is actually a pretty good day to go on the tour because no one is around and nothing is going on, which allows the tour guide to bring people into rooms that are otherwise off limits such as the governor’s reception area and the State Assembly.2 Fay and Yara were very well behaved throughout the entire tour, but both dogs had vastly different reactions to the tons of walking and stair climbing involved. Fay was ready to take a nice long nap in the Senate, while Yara was under the distinct impression we could definitely get more accomplished if we abandoned the tour group, went the opposite way and walked faster.

Yara and Fay at Empire State Plaza sitting in front of the Capitol and the EggI had called OGS earlier in the week just to alert them to the fact we’d be taking the tour and have the dogs with us, but I was still very pleased that there wasn’t any fuss made over their presence. We did have the rudest bus driver pick us up at the stop by my house, though. First, were it not for a changing light, he’d clearly have skipped the stop completely. But then when we got on he was very unpleasant about the dogs getting on the bus, even after I confirmed they were service animals and thus allowed to ride the bus. He then said to Sarah, “Neither of you is blind,” which neither of us knew how to respond to. I mean, if it is true I’ve been spending a ton of money on prescription glasses that I don’t need.

All that aside, the tour was a lot of fun and quite informative. (Did you know NYS payed $10 million to remove blackout paint on the skylights? Yup. During WWII there was a fear that the Capitol would be a target because of the lights shining through the skylights, but the Assembly voted down the plan to just turn the lights off and instead the skylights were painted over. When Pataki was in office, he had a lot of the Capitol restored and renovated and the blackout paint removal was one of those things he had done. Go figure.) Afterward we headed back to my crummy apartment for some yummy delivery from Pepper Jack’s. The girls got a bit more playtime while we ate and now Yara is zonked out on her bed and I’m nursing sore feet and an overstuffed belly.

Good times.


  1. The Office of General Services run the tours through the State Capitol.
  2. It’s kind of ironic the tour can’t go in the Assembly when its in session since it is open to the public.

Going Strong!

Day 15: 34358 words

Words Written: 9,248
Total Word Count: 34,358 words

All right, I admit it, since hitting the 25,000 mark I have been seriously slacking. And by that I mean “completely ignoring the existence of my Nano.” I’m not ashamed, I do this every year, though generally not for almost an entire week. But as you can see I am back on course and still way above quota!

Group of us writing away at the NaNoWriMo Write In/SWAG Halfway Party at the cafe in Proctor'sAll of that miraculous word count was accomplished at the NaNoWriMo Write In/SWAG Halfway Party and no one was more astounded than I at the total amount that I cranked out there. Other than the midnight kickoff, I haven’t really found that I can write very much at these Write Ins. I get easily distracted by, well, everything going on and if I leave with 250 words I feel that I’ve at least made it worthwhile to lug the netbook with me. So, to be honest, I am really very impressed with the end total. Not only was I able to tune out all the distractions and write, but I actually managed to make up for the six days I’ve been slacking. In a big way!

I did manage to socialize and all that, too, which makes me happy. I think this is my biggest issue with the Write Ins, I have a lot of trouble just talking with so many people. And then to balance that with actually trying to work on my Nano and not come off as a totally rude snob is equally difficult. But, of course, my biggest weapon in the arsenal against anything of the sort is Yara who manages to schmooze everyone in her path and take up the entire floor space of the table. She’s quite talented.

So, I am hopeful that this will kick start me back into my Nano because I almost never get anything accomplished during the week of Thanksgiving and I am relatively close to finishing. We shall see.

The Breed Effect

This post is due to a couple factors: (1.) I’ve been getting a not small number of requests to read what I’ve been writing for my Nano; and, (2.) It (sort of) answers a rather often received question of mine: “Which breed is the best suited guide dog?”

It should be noted that this has not been edited, so it may well make little sense and contain some atrocious grammatical errors. Even still, I hope you enjoy. [Read more…]


Day 9: 25110 words

Words Written: 8,497 (2,017 from yesterday)
Total Word Count: 25,110 words

Yesterday, I arbitrarily set a goal to hit 20,000 words by the end of the day. I was very pumped up to do just that and I had a wonderful scene in plan for what I wanted to write. I did a few household chores instead because I knew that I could easily spend all day writing and I was expecting Sarah and Fay to be coming over. Meanwhile, I had some rather unpleasant personal events go down and they put me in quite a funk and pretty much killed my desire to write at all. After our outing at the park and all, I was in a much better mood. But whether it’s the change in time or the long walk at the park or both, I was exhausted by 7:30 and so while I did attempt to reach my goal the tired won out and I didn’t.

So this morning I woke up with the full intention of not only getting my 20,000 words but shooting right passed that and heading full on to 25,000! So, I am quite proud of myself. I am pleased with how the story is evolving at this point and I’m also very confident in my ability to finish this year’s Nano. (Which, admittedly hasn’t been too much of an issue for me in the past.}

And now that I’m all done with that — and my wrist is starting to ache a bit — I am off for the night. More as it comes. :-)

[EDIT: I am aware that the word count meters aren’t showing up. It’s not me, it’s the sites they’re from. Can’t do much about that until they recover.]