“Wolverine” and Semi-Related Bitching

Had a busy day yesterday that seemed frought with annoyances. First had brunch with Kerry at Cafe Madison. The food was, as always, top notch, but the fact that there was a line right out the door waiting to be seated was absurd. I don’t really understand what the purpose of attempting to seat more people than the establishment can handle, but there is always a ludicrously long line there. Generally I make reservations just because of that, but until yesterday wasn’t aware they took reservations for times other than dinners. Will certainly make a note of that for future outings.

Afterward, I ran a few errands — and even with a list managed to forget half the things ON the list — and went to the Madison Theater to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The movie wasn’t exactly terrible, but it was certainly not the best thing I’ve ever seen. Though, anything is an improvement over X3 if you ask me. It was practically awesome when compared to my theater experience wherein not only did the staff prove completely unhelpful in pretty much every way I expect them to be helpful, e.g. help a person with one free hand carry things or orient a blind person towards the theater their movie is showing. But not five steps from the counter, Yara shook herself off and startled me causing my popcorn bucket to go flying . . . and I ended up having to pay for a whole new bucket. I take pride in myself for not trying to crush all the dropped popcorn on my way passed the concession stand. Sometimes I can be an adult.

What I wasn’t an adult about was the bathroom in which I was greeted by the melodious sounds of a woman screaming to her daughter several stalls away to “not sit on the toilet seat.” This would have been easily enough ignored if she weren’t occupying the only handicapped accessible stall in a bathroom with teeny stalls. This in and of itself wasn’t irksome, it was noting that upon emerging from said stall the woman was completely able-bodied. I really hate when that shit happens, especially in bathrooms where it is almost impossible for my guide dog to fit in the “regular” stalls. Now, I am not a hypochondriac nor a “germaphobe” so perhaps that is why I don’t even remotely understand that whole thing where women don’t want to sit on public toilet seats. But while I’m pretty damn sure no one is going to contract swine flu from sitting on a toilet, I can deal with the foreignness of someone feeling this necessary. Except if you’re going to be an oddball and act like a man, please for goodness sake clean up the mess you make by doing so. Especially if you’re having your monthly friend. And for crying out loud, FLUSH THE DAMN TOILET! I made quite a loud and curse-laden fuss when I discovered all that. I’m pretty sure the woman and her child were long gone, but they probably still could hear me just fine and well.

Perhaps all this is why I spent most of my workday trying to not go apeshit insane on people. Who knows.

“If ignorance is bliss why aren’t people happy?”

Try as I might, I remain a magnet for ignorance. The world that surrounds me can at times be so completely obliviously stupid that I am surprised at my own astonishment by it. Case in point, more often than not the time spent deligating tasks to me at work easily eclipses the length of time required to perform said duties. I sincerely wish it weren’t true, but I find myself bewildered by the very fact. I don’t know if it’s actual incompitence that creates this ridiculous added workload or if my colleagues intentionally sit around and diligently strive to hand off their work. Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle. Regardless it is nonetheless the most aggravating thing about working for the state and continually sends me into fits of barely controlled rage.

Venting aside, things around these parts are quite lacking in blogworthyness. I’m still trying to shake this stupid flu-type bug that I acquired and for the most part have been keeping close to home save for work. I did venture out this past weekend, however, and saw Bolt which was quite good. Though, I must admit the most entertaining part of the movie-going experience was observing Yara who found the subject matter of dogs and cats quite interesting. She perked up about 10 minutes into the film and spent the majority of the movie with her head propped upon the armrest in front of us so as to best be able to see the goings-on. Eventually either boredom or discomfort caused her to give up on the idea and she finally fell asleep curled around my feet.

She’s also been shedding a ludicrous amount. I mean clumps! I’ve been brushing her religously and it seems to be making no difference whatsoever. I think she missed the memo that it’s winter or something.

“The Dark Knight”

I haven’t written a movie review/ramble in forever and as I had the misfortune to see The Dark Knight again over the holidays, I thought it’d be a nice way to restart this little blogging tradition even though most everyone’s thoughts have been typed for months now. I should warn you, however, that surprisingly I’m not much of a fan. But let’s talk about the stuff I did enjoy.

Movie poster

I loved the Joker. Period. I’m not really a big Heath Ledger fan. In fact, I think the only other thing I’ve seen him in was Brokeback Mountain, which just goes to show how eclectic my movie watching is. But anyway, I thought he was brilliant. Every single scene he was in completely entranced me. The way he was written, the way he talked, his laugh, his behavior. Spot on. Not a single complaint. I’m only saddened he’ll never be in a sequel.

The returning case for the most part was also great. I’m warming up to Caine as Alfred, though in my head I’ll always think of the character as more prim. Oldman and Freeman were also a treat. I could totally just watch a Batman movie centered on those three. Batman could even be there if he was sans the reverb.

I managed to see this completely spoiler-free the first time and so I’m sure this helped move Two-Face a bit higher for me on the enjoyment scale. His scary face totally freaked me out. I have a few problems with him, which I’ll detail in a bit, but I did enjoy the foreshadowing we got with the coin and was very much pleased with the hospital scene.

And lastly before I start the quibbling, I did enjoy Bale . . . kind of. His Bruce is just the right mix of smart businessman slash philanthropic good Samaritan slash oblivious playboy. I was also pleased with the direction the film took in terms of Batman’s view on Gotham — this undying faith that it’s worth saving (e.g., the “social experiment” on the ferries and Batman’s firm belief that they would inevitably do the right thing). And yet [Read more…]