Holiday Card Portrait

Just when I thought I was over the whole being sick thing, I have another migraine. The timing rather sucks as I had several things I wanted to do today and instead I’m barricaded in the cave that is my bedroom. I think the worst thing about the migraines is that I can’t read anything while I have one. Seems like such a waste of time to go without a book.

Anyway, here’s another portrait from our holiday card shoot of Uschi looking particularly cute. I would have preferred if this were on the plain white background, but it was the last photograph taken so what can you do?

Headshot of Uschi with a snowy pine backdrop

I Be Sick

My teeth have been bothering me the last few days. I sometimes grind them in my sleep. Most often if I’m having an especially stressful dream, which has been pretty much the only kind of dreams I’ve been having lately. No specific reason why that I can determine. The ache was concerning me though because it seemed like it was taking longer and longer to subside after I woke up.

This morning I woke with that same ache and my eyes were also very achy. Neither are good signs, but they weren’t pronounced enough that I thought to take any meds to stave off a migraine until I started feeling nauseated about an hour later. It’s been well over a month since my last migraine so it seems that unfortunately I got complacent as I haven’t refilled most of my meds and of course what I have on hand isn’t cutting it.

However, since the only time my teeth ever ache when I have a headache is when I’m coming down with a sinus infection I’m thinking that is unrelated. I’ve been meaning to make a dentist appointment for a long time — I actually can’t remember the last time I went to the dentist been well over a year — so I made an appointment today. Coincidentally it’s on the same day as the earliest appointment I could get in at my doctor’s to refill my prescriptions. I can’t decide if I’m more aggravated I can’t get in to see my doctor sooner or horrified at the torture that next Tuesday is bound to bring with both of these appointments.

Mostly, I just feel like crap.

Aches and Pains

Classes officially start today. I already feel bogged down by the work.

Or perhaps it’s my achy and sore body. Didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I intended during my “break” but I did get my lazy self back into a workout routine and my given how much my body is protesting this was quite overdue. It’s probably for the best, though since I don’t walk nearly as much in the winter as I do during any other time of the year when it’s not freezing and icy out. We’re already having some chilly nights here and that just depresses me, but I’m trying not to dwell on it and enjoy the lovely weather while we have it. At least it stopped raining every day.

But the beat down feelings are most probably due to the migraine I’ve been battling. My best guess is because my sinuses have been clogged up from all the mold in the air thanks to the aforementioned rain. Even Uschi seems to be having some major allergy problems of late. Poor thing.

Anyway, have way too many things going on this week to dwell on any of this self pity.

September 9, 2011

I don’t often complain about the weather when it isn’t related to winter’s freezing temps or tendency to dump several feet of snow in my path. But I am so thoroughly sick of all the rain. As if Irene and the accompanying inconvenience she caused weren’t enough!

Thing is, I don’t mind rain in and of itself, but lengthy periods of rain really mess with me. I have a strong allergy to mold and having my sinuses clogged tends to bring along migraines. I’ve been trying to stave off a migraine for most of the week, but it seems my efforts were fruitless because, in short, I’m miserable.

Hoping this won’t be one of those migraines that decides to take residence for more than a week. The last thing I need at the beginning of the semester is to have to break down and request extensions on work.

Anyway, I’m taking my sorry self back into the confines of my room, which is blissfully quiet and dark.

Of Sick Dogs and Migraines

I feel like crap. I suppose it all can be blamed on the insane amount of stress that was the last week or so, but seeing as things are essentially fine I don’t know why I’m still have excruciating back and knee pain and a horrid migraine. To top it off, Uschi threw up three times today and has been acting lethargic. I’m hoping we’re reasonably more functional tomorrow as I have now set up all the assorted school-related things to be done then and I’ve already rescheduled all this twice.

In better news, cupcakes are in the near future. I have to make the sunflowers for the auction winners and I have another batch I’m thinking of that should be many kinds of cute. I’m hoping to get some of these made by Friday since Alice and Josh are coming over for dinner, but by the looks of things I might need to clone myself to acheive that goal. We’ll see.

I had something else I was going to post about but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. . . .