Goodbye, LJ

On the heels of my nattering on about blogging and my lack thereof, I received an email informing me that LiveJournal has deleted my account.1

It’s amusing to me that it took them some 7 years to finally get around to noticing the complete lack of activity I’ve had on my old blog there. But I guess the clincher was that I sort of locked myself out of my account about two years ago and never bothered to fix that. Oops. Still, it’s kind of bittersweet for me. LJ was my first blogging home and I have met some pretty awesome friends through the community there. Except, like me, they’ve all basically abandoned LJ for other haunts like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.2 Then again, I had one foot out the door of LJ long before they were bought and then later sold by Six Apart so I don’t know why the email was even a little jarring to me. I guess it’s just the finality of it. Like Geocities shutting down, this is yet another piece of my Internet beginnings that will no longer be a part of my life.

Anyway, if for some ridiculous reason you’ve been looking for me over there, this is just to say the obvious: I haven’t been around and I won’t be coming back. Sorry. Really though there’s just too many other places to be. Even sometimes places that have nothing to do with a keyboard and a monitor. I know, it’s crazy!

  1. There’s still a syndicated feed if you actually still use LJ and for some reason insist on reading my blog via them.
  2. And, of course, I barely use all of those.

Wake Up

I mentioned yesterday that my to-do list was ridiculously long. Not surprisingly I didn’t accomplish all the things I supposedly had to.

So, I woke up this morning at 5 a.m. and I figure even if I still don’t get everything done, I did manage to get in my hour of yoga!

My other top priorities today include baking and decorating cupcakes for Thanksgiving #1’s dessert tonight and watching the Firefly marathon and anniversary special on Science Channel. Less important items on the infinite to-do list include cleaning up the house, grooming the dog, buying toilet paper, and finding the dining room table underneath the mountain of random crap currently on top of it.

EDIT: It was brought to my attention that LiveJournal suspended the syndicated feed for this blog. I contacted them and they got it working again. Apologies to the handful of readers there for the backlog of posts that spewed onto your friends page.

Plugging Along

Instead of posting Nano metrics yesterday, I opted for this (shockingly popular) post about GEB. But fear not, I did write . . . though it wasn’t remotely an amount worthy of a post unto itself. Anyway, here’s today’s status:

Words Written: 4,493 (total for the last two days)
Total Word Count: 16,613 words

Day 7: 16613 words

I think the total more than makes up for my rather pathetic few hundred words of yesterday. Moreover I had a bit of an epiphany today after going to the Write In at Bruegger’s in how better to tell the story. I won’t even attempt to translate it to text, but I did rework an outline to organize my thoughts and I noticed a marked improvement in the flow of words. In fact were it not for the fact that my left wrist is bothering me something awful, I would have easily written a few thousand more words today.

Even better, for you curious folk, I have finished a section that I feel worthy of posting . . . but I’m going to hold out for a day where I don’t have anything else to post here because I’m hoping to get through my 30 days of daily posting. I know, I’m such a tease, but if it’s any consolation it’s just as likely — now that I don’t hate every word I’m writing — that I’ll have other snippets to share in the near future.

Anyway, in non-noveling news I was recently alerted to the fact that there is still a LiveJournal syndicated feed in existence for those of you on LJ who wish to see me on your friends list. (I would like to note that unless you comment here I will not see them. So make sure to click the “Comments: [#]” link and not the one that brings you to the reply function on LJ.)

Four Things

Thing #1: Please spread the link about EDF! As I receive new information on what we all can do, I have been updating the post accordingly. But the most important thing is to get word of the situation out to as many people as possible. (Also, many thanks to everyone who has helped in any way regarding this cause.)

Thing #2: Since I can no longer automatically crosspost entries (and a bunch of other reasons), I have deleted my old LiveJournal account. Sadly this means LJers will have to venture past their cozy friends’ page to comment on my posts, but you can add this syndicated feed to your friends to see my updates. I’ll still be commenting, etc. via this OpenID account.

Thing #3: I decided to try NaNoWriMo once more. I’m hoping it will be effective in getting me motivated to work on the several other projects I’ve not been working on. The only promise I am making in regards to it is that I won’t be spamming my blog with word counts and other nonsense. Anyway, my author profile is here if you have an urge to add me or something.

Thing #4: (This one is actually several “things” but as they’re all marginally related to books, I shall save myself the trouble of continuing with arbitrary numbering.) Among the many awesome books being released in the next month, Leviathan is out today! This is the first in Scott Westerfeld‘s new YA steampunk series and I’ve heard much good about it. I’ll be toddling off to my favorite little bookshop after work to snatch up my copy.

Relatedly, I have heard news that not a small number of the very good books I’ve read in the last year have sold movie rights. These include Carrie Ryan‘s The Forest of Hands and Teeth and Maggie Stiefvater‘s Shiver. I’m crossing my fingers that they do justice to the wonderful books upon which they are based and don’t make my eyes bleed or cause me to froth with rage. I also saw that Stephenie Meyer‘s The Host is being made into a movie. I have no words. Only fear.

Lastily, I’ll take a moment to once again plug Cherie Priest‘s Boneshaker because I read it and it was awesome on every measurable level of awesome there is. Really. It is so awesome in fact that I have a draft post in the works where I review said awesomeness in great detail.

Dog Food and Pine Hills

As I mentioned yesterday, Megan suggested adding some cookie treats to Yara’s dinner last night. We both figured there was a good possibility Yara would just eat around the kibble; however, she did one better than that, she ate all the cookies and spit all the kibble into her water. This morning I tried feeding it to her dry, just to see how she’d react and again she wouldn’t touch it. She chugged down water, though, and then vomited it up all over my kitchen floor.

I hate to say it, but I’m beginning to think Yara’s not a big fan of Abady.

Anyway, I talked with Megan about it and she suggested adding some canned food tonight. We picked some up during our route today at Price Chopper, so we’ll see what happens.

For today’s training we went to the Pine Hills area of Albany where I used to live. I really love this area because it’s still very residential and yet a very accessible part of the city. As we had hoped, the sidewalks were very clear and I got to really work Yara on her curb stops since she’s kind of hesitant to get right up there. Apparently she thinks I have about another foot of length in my legs. We got to work lots of obstacles, too, as it appears to have been trash day. Yara is very cautious with obstacles which is good in the sense that she’s not barreling by and walking me into things, but it’s a bit of a chore prodding her along sometimes. I have to keep remembering I’m not in a rush to get anywhere so it’s okay to stop and take my time with her.

We did some indoor work at Price Chopper. We worked on follow with Megan walking ahead of us and weaving around. Yara was a little distracted at times, but she was very good. We also did some work with heeling behind the cart. Like Dolly, or any guide dog really, she had a bit of trouble not treating it like an obstacle to go around, but she got the idea pretty quick and I think eventually got bored just walking around and started up that whining thing of hers. I will say she is a ton better about the whining than she was on our first day, but it’s still super annoying.

After that we had some lunch at the Subway food court on Madison and I was quite pleased with how well she was. She’s just a tiny bit solicitous, but she’s got nothing on a Labrador retriever. At the table she was just perfect and didn’t make a peep while Megan and I ate our food.

Once we were back home, Megan showed me our new obedience stuff for the day: come to heel and come around. The come around is a new one for me to wrap my head around. At GEB they were always against the “cheating” come where you switch hands with the leash and after awhile you get so used to your dog being on the left anyway you don’t even question it. We also worked a bit with Yara about grooming. Oh, she’s such a brat about it! I admit, I was spoiled with Dolly, she may have hated all of that stuff like grooming and having her teeth brushed but she just stood there and tolerated it. Granted she wore an expression that plainly said it was torture, but she never put up a fight about it. Yara, on the other hand, just gets really mouthy and starts being very silly when I start brushing her in more sensitive areas like her tail. It’s funny, but also kind of annoying at the same time.

Speaking of the furry one, she’s groaning in her sleep beside me!

For part of tomorrow’s training, we’re going to the mall and then grocery shopping. Who says guide dog training has to be all work?

EDIT: Oh, for those of you reading this via syndication, let me remind you to please comment here on the website. Syndicated entries are automatically deleted after an indefinite amount of time and I don’t get any notification of comments left elsewhere like LiveJournal, so I likely will not see them.