Holiday Miscellany

As is typical for this time of year, things have been pretty wild here. And coming down with the flu has not helped calm things in the slightest.

Anyhoo, I have had a few people ask about various holiday related things so I figure I’d put all this up here for reference. First, here’s a link to my wishlist. I haven’t used Amazon since the ridiculous drama from last year so it’s not exactly an up-to-date list.1 And I can’t (easily) order from them anyway, so I definitely would appreciate not receiving an Amazon gift card, please.

Second, I am probably not doing holiday cards this year. I know that’s two years in a row now and I am sorry for those of you wanting some adorable German shepherd to arrive in your mailbox. Unfortunately, it’s kind of an involved process to get them made and it does not look like I will have the opportunity to get all that done in time to send them out, especially for those of you living outside of the US. Maybe I’ll do Christmas in July or something to make up for it?

Hmm, thought I had a third thing but it seems to have slipped my mind. I’ll definitely edit this if needed, though.

  1. Not that I expect anyone to ever get things off it for me anyway.

Isusarad ‘elir!

Wishing everyone a magical holiday and an equally brilliant new year!
2012 holiday card


Wishing you and yours the very best this holiday season!
2011 holiday card


Best wishes this holiday season and for the new year to you and yours!
2010 holiday card
[Going clockwise from the top the images used in the above card are: Yara and me sitting together by a pile of gift boxes; Yara giving me her “paw;” and, me laying my head on Yara’s, who is resting her chin on a gift box.]

I’d like to say I totally planned to use three images for the holiday card as a commemoration of the wonderful years being partnered with Yara, but it was completely coincidental and had far more too do with the fact that there were just too many beautiful photos to choose just one. It does seem fitting, though, being this was our last card.

Happy Christmas!

May you all have quite the merry holiday season!
2009 holiday card

Right now, me and Yara are chillin’ at Dad’s, enjoying some quality time with him and Keith and Dolly . . . and Keith’s new Wii. Later, we’ll all be headed off to my grandparents’ for more holiday frivolity with the rest of the family. And by all accounts my cousins are super excited about this because I’ve made plans to spend the weekend there, too.