“Guardians of the Galaxy”

I finally watched Guardians of the Galaxy last night. Yes, I am very late the party. The sad thing is I’ve owned it since the home release.

Movie poster

Anyway, it was absolutely fantastic.

I can’t comment on how faithful it was the original comic because I know absolutely nothing about it. Like everyone who isn’t a comic nerd — and the vast majority of those of us who are — I hadn’t even heard of the Guardians before this film. Turns out they’re no different than every other superhero grouping and are a ragtag group of misfits. Except they’re also space pirates. Also, in Star-Lord’s own words, they’re losers. You know, they’ve lost stuff.

What amazed me is that it was a movie that literally sucks you in completely. I had debated live-tweeting my initial reactions while watching since I was astonishingly completely unspoiled for this and went in with zero context. I opted instead to text a friend, who remarked that it was going by quite fast and I looked down to discover there was less than a quarter of the run-time left. It truly felt like a fraction of that had gone by.

It was a fun ride. Though, I can’t pick out anything that specifically stands out in my mind.1 Rocket was a treat and they did a thoroughly amazing job animating him. Groot was interesting and very amusing. I especially loved the little dancing baby a la the music-activated flowers of my childhood.2 It was appropriately action-packed and humorous and my only complaint is that the exposition dump that’s given doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. And if you’re about to say “it’s answered in Avengers 2” I don’t want to hear anything further because I haven’t seen that yet!

So, yeah, it was super fun and I enjoyed it greatly. I’m also glad you can all kindly get off my back about finally watching it. :-p

  1. It’s always harder for me to natter on when I can’t pick things apart.
  2. Yes, I had one. It was incredibly mesmerizing.