Another Sketch

Because I was a good little schoolgirl and finished my homework I gave myself some playtime in Photoshop:

Photoshopped pencil sketch of a snow-dusted Uschi


Photo of Uschi lying on the ground in harness by a bed of roses, edited to appear as a pencil sketch

I’m the first to admit that my graphic editing abilities are fairly limited. I don’t fancy myself a graphic designer and I find the entire process of working with image editing software to be downright torturous. Perhaps if I wasn’t severely limited by my inability to see colors I would feel different, but I think I’d still find it frustrating because half the time I hate anything to do with computers.

However, it is an excellent tool for procrastination. And now and again I make something like the above that I find kind of, well, fascinating. Your mileage may vary, but for reference this is the original photo, which I am inordinately fond of.