Lions Holiday Party

Yesterday was quite a bit of fun. I’ve been looking forward to the party since Jerry first invited me, but before I get to all that I wanted to share this exceedingly adorable photo of Yara and Dennis that I nabbed somewhat accidentally at work. I tease him relentlessly about the fact he’s always talking about Yara to his family and have wanted to get a nice photo of the two of them for him to share. I’d had my camera in my bag so as not to forget it last night and right as I was taking the picture, Yara turned her head up and gave him a kiss on the chin. Very cute! Also, Dennis, if you’re reading this, I think it’s solid proof you need to get a dog. ;-)

Yara giving Dennis a kiss on the chinSo the evening actually started at my apartment. Sarah came a bit early so that Fay and Yara could have some playtime. Our hope was that (a.) it’d get the playfulness out of their systems and (b.) get Fay nice and tired so she’d be more inclined to fall asleep at dinner. They were hysterically cute together, chasing one another around and playing tug-of-war. The best part was right before we left, As you can see on the left, Yara had procured a bone and was trying to find a place to chew it sans the puppy, but Fay decided to join in and chew it, too! There’s a few more good shots that I managed to get in the gallery attached to this post. (Scroll down or click the jump below to view.)

I apologize that I don’t really have many photos from the party itself and that’s mostly because, well, there wasn’t much to actually photograph. We’d arrived during the social hour and were introduced to many of the A&T Lions. We also saw Dan, one of my colleagues, and Steve from the Bethlehem Lions. It was a bit awkward at first, though as we were somewhat ambushed by all the new faces right in the doorway and were then somewhat stuck in the incoming foot traffic from new arrivals. We got a lot of questions about the dogs, as we’d expected; and everyone seemed very interested in how Yara’s treatment has been going.

Eventually we were able to move away from the door and Steve very graciously took the photo of us by the Christmas tree, which was quite a riot all unto itself. Yara was pretty good and did her best to ignore the crazy puppy, but Fay was doing everything possible to get passed Sarah and play! There was actually a shot taken right before this one (that I accidentally deleted when uploading the images¹) of Yara staring straight ahead into the camera and Fay literally airborn trying to pounce! After the photos, we took our seats and the Lions commenced their meeting business. Fay was a bit rambunctious and kept trying to get at Yara, but eventually she settled down and by the time our dinner was served she’d fallen asleep just as we’d hoped! Dinner itself was fantastic! And to be honest, as I type this, I’m still very full.

As a whole, the evening was quite pleasant and I had a great time chatting with Sarah and the other Lions.

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Portrait of Yara and me on a brown background; Yara is in harness and snuggling up to me and hiding her face from the camera

Yesterday, I picked up the prints from the photos we had taken a few weeks back and they are quite stunning. .I’m sorry to say that my scanner seems to have some serious issues and there is an extremely huge amount of grit that showed up on these images that is most definitely not present on the prints themselves. [EDIT: The scanned images have been replaced by the much higher quality — and grit-free — digital images.] Anyway, below are a few of my other favorite pictures:

Happy Birthday!

Happy 29th Birthday to me! :)

Yes, my grandmother sent me two sets of flowers. It’s kind of an involved story that isn’t nearly as interesting as you’d think. But basically I made out because the florist messed up and isn’t that really what birthdays are all about?