No Fleas Allowed

Uschi had her annual checkup yesterday morning with Dr. Kucskar. $355.75 later she has a clean bill of health!

She checked her for fleas and found more flea dirt and a lone dead flea. We figure the K9 Advantix II is doing its job if there are dead fleas. The vet gave her a Capster pill to help eliminate any live fleas. I haven’t been bitten again since we’ve been home, so I’m confident that between these steps and my rigorous cleaning we’ve kept the little bugs from moving in for good.

I was very pleased with how well Uschi did at the vet’s. All of my girls have proven to be quite well mannered at the vet’s and in fact seem to enjoy the experience. I was complimented a few times at Parkside over Yara’s good behavior that even surpassed that of other working dogs who came in. However, Uschi puts both of them in the dust; she was totally unfazed by everything! Being a shepherd, she isn’t too fond of having things shoved in her ear so she did move a bit when the vet examined those. Otherwise, she was the picture of calm. She even gave an unprompted, long sigh when Dr. Kucskar was listening to her lungs!

And yes, she was duly admired for her cuteness. Everyone commented on how adorable she was and her beautiful markings. I think being colorblind I’m missing some big point over her coloring? Someone mentioned red in her coat — and thinking back it’s not the first time I have heard that. Anyway, she was adequately praised up and admired.

My uncle’s memorial was last night and my lasting memory of it will no doubt be that the minister came over at the reception to tell me how impressed he was with Uschi. He said that he often brings his dog to church and leaves him in the back, so he was glad that she wasn’t distracted by dog smells.

Dad also brought Yara, since she’s back on the Prednisone and urinating constantly, so the girls had a reunion of sorts. Yara stayed in the car during the service, but we brought her into the reception with us. Both girls were very good, lying under tables and ignoring each other. We were some of the very last to leave so when the majority of guests had left I let Uschi off harness and they got some crazy fun playtime. Linoleum is not the best surface for a game of chase, but they did pretty well regardless!

The one sad point of the night, aside from the obvious, was that I found out that Kerry Hawver passed away. I’ve known her since elementary school, we graduated together, and her younger brother Frank was one of my uncle’s foster kids. ;_;


I think I caught a cold. I’ve been feeling like I have a head cold all week, but I have been so sleep deprived and stressed that I wasn’t sure if it was just that. Add in that my cousin has a pretty nasty cold and that I spent a good portion of last night freezing I wasn’t surprised to wake up with the nasal-drip-induced sore throat and runny nose.

Celebrated my friend Greg’s birthday last night. Glad I went out, since all I’ve been doing is wallowing. Other than the freezing part, I had a great time.

Uschi has her annual this morning. Figure the vet can give her a flea bath if she finds any more fleas. I haven’t noticed any more bites on myself, though I did have dreams of things crawling all over my skin. I’m hoping that the ones I saw yesterday just hopped on from being at my grandmother’s. I checked all the usual haunts on her body for infestations and/or eggs and other than a single piece of flea dirt here and there I didn’t find anything alarming. She’s itchy, but that isn’t too surprising given how much I was bit up. At least when they bite her they should die!

Never got a hold of my dad yesterday so no clue what’s up with Yara. I’m assuming she’s better since she’s on Prednisone again. She’s probably peeing like a racehorse and eating like a cow. Just hoping that they caught it soon enough that she doesn’t develop a hot spot because those are just such a pain.

Tonight is Jeff’s memorial service. I have no words.

Things in Threes

My uncle Jeff passed away yesterday morning. His memorial is tomorrow. I am very sad.

Yara has hives. Pretty sure it’s from being at my grandmother’s last week.

Brushed Uschi this morning and found what I thought were flea eggs. Then found a flea crawling on her belly. I think this is also from staying at my grandparents as I got bit up like crazy while we were there. EDIT: Was at first confused by the vet’s lack of concern when I called, but turns out what I saw was flea poop. Plus, she’s top-spotted anyway. Her annual checkup is tomorrow morning.

In any case, this week is so fired. *cries*

EDIT: Updated link for Jeff’s obituary as there was a correction made.