“Oh goodness, look at my wrist!”

1. Received the DVD and soundtrack for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. The musical commentary kills me. Seriously, go buy this. Now.

2. Yara had her last shot this morning. It went astonishingly fine. No crying. No fussing. Nothing. She just sat right there. I wonder if she knows it’s the last shot?

3. Mail is surprisingly fast sometimes. People all over are emailing and calling and texting to say they’ve received packages and cards. Now, if I banked on this one day thing no one would get anything, right? Speaking of mail, look what Raechel gave me! <3

4. Classes are over. Okay, they’ve actually been over. But it’s only just dawning on me. Three weeks of free nights and weekends, baby! What ever will I do with all this excess time?

5. Tomorrow I have some last minute holiday-type errands to run. Ran out of wrapping paper (omg!) and have one more thing to drop off at the post office. Also need to pack. Gah!

December 15, 2008

Today was Yara’s second to last B12 shot and she was a typical dramatic GSD about the affair. I wouldn’t even classify it as crying; she was downright screaming. Thankfully, she didn’t move around too much so it was short-lived, but I’m still convinced Christina and Casey are going to call the Humane Society on me.

I’m not sure if she’s feeling all right, to be honest; she’s had a decidedly smaller appetite these last few days and is at this moment lying in front of her dinner bowl, refusing to touch it. Still, she’s eating just under four cups daily so it’s nothing I’m exactly alarmed at.

The bottle of Viokase-V from Fidelco arrived this afternoon. I’m actually quite grateful as I haven’t received the bottle I purchased from my vet and when preparing Yara’s dinner I accidentally dropped and subsequently spilled the remaining contents of the current bottle. At nearly $50 a week it’s kind of unsettling, but not much I can do to put powder back in it’s bottle.

I also spoke with Robbie today. She was somewhat noncommittal on the subject of Fidelco’s possible reimbursement, noting their own financial issues. But promises she’ll be in touch sometime around the beginning of January to inform me of how much they’ll be able to help me, if at all. It’s not encouraging, but it’s also not nothing.

At this point, I’ve firmly decided whatever happens I’m not letting it ruin my holidays. And for now, that’s all I have to say on the subject.

Things As They Are

At our last visit to the visit to the vet’s Dr. Gundersen and I discussed the dosage of Viokase-V that I’ve been giving Yara. According to her, the bottle I’d been given was a two month supply; however, it seemed we were depleting this far too quickly. Per her orders, I took even more diligence when measuring out the teaspoon of powder to make certain she was receiving the proper amount of medicine.

In the last few days, though I’ve noticed Yara seems to be regressing a bit. She vomited a few times over the weekend and her stools have grown ever-so-slightly lighter in color. This morning she had a far greater amount of defication than has been normal since her treatment has really taken effect.

I gave Dr. Gundersen a phone call to inquire about what we might do. Her suggestion was to go back to giving Yara the less diligently measured amount of her treatment. But on the off chance it isn’t solely related to the EPI, she wrote a new prescription for the Tylan. I’m to call back in about four days to inform the office of how she’s doing, but either way I’m very worried. If Yara’s going to require more of the Viokase-V, the Tylan Powder, or both for a more extended period of time I am hardly able to afford this.

I could cry. This whole thing is just a neverending nightmare.

Week Three

I’ve a ton of things upon which to blog, but I’m just not able to bring myself to do so at the present time. Lots of “life” stuff that’s stressing me out and other such nonsense.

Instead I’ll talk about Miss Yara, who today started her third week of treatment. That meant that she got a B12 shot today, administered by me. This did not go over well. She knew right off that something was up when I tried to give her the injection. She kept trying to walk off or roll onto her back and she cried. Seriously, I think my neighbors are going to call animal control on me. It was heart-wrenching. I felt like the worst mommy ever. I think we’re both not looking forward to next Monday.

Other than that, though she is doing phenomenal. I’d estimate that she’s gained about 14 pounds since starting the treatment. She’s filling out very nicely and several people today expressed in excited tones how they couldn’t see her ribs anymore. It was nice to walk down Washington Avenue today and hear how pretty my dog was rather than have people grumble at me as they passed me by. I also don’t miss the evil stares or the people dragging me out of the middle of crossing streets to accost me.

November 3, 2008

Dr. Gundersen called earlier to give me the results of Yara’s GI test and the good news is that we do have a concrete answer as to her weight loss.

The bad news is that she has exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Which means she’ll need to be on an enzyme supplement. For the next month, she’ll be on antibiotics to kill the bacterial overgrowth and probiotics to rebuild the proper bacteria in her intestines, as well as weekly B12 shots for the next two months. The vet also suggested a prescription diet of Purina EN as it’s lowfat and low in fiber, but frankly so is the food she’s on and I think it’s better quality. Not to mention since I switched her to the reduced fat EVO, her stools went from kind of tan and mushy to completely normal. We’ll see on that.

Anyway, the enzyme supplement will probably be required for her entire life and is roughly $150 a month. The antibiotics, shots, and probiotics will hopefully only be necessary for the next month or two. But at this point nothing is certain. Will continue to keep everyone updated as I find out more.

EDIT: Spent over $350 at the vet’s yesterday getting all of Yara’s supplies and her B12 shot. We’ll be going back next week for a quick follow-up and to receive another shot; I’m planning to purchase the other six doses then and administer them myself. Two meals down and Yara seems completely unaffected by all this stuff added to her food, she very happily cleaned her bowl both times. She does seem very interested in all the fuss made over its preparation, she sits in the kitchen watching me aptly.