Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

I had already planned to do a photo recap post before seeing this week’s photo challenge as I’d done something similar last year. Except that I didn’t exclusively use my personal photographs last time since I went a few months with little or no pictures taken. (And, let’s face it, that one of Uschi standing on her head had to be on the list!) Anyway, let’s get on to a smattering of my favorite photos from the last year:

The last year was much the same in terms of photographic activity, though, the last few months I have been striving to be more proactive with my camera. I won’t go so far as to boast about my skills as a photographer because I still very much think of myself as a beginner. However, I do admit that there have been more than a handful I’ve taken over the last year that I am not only quite fond of but actually have some pride in and I have learned a great deal more about the technical aspects of taking photos. I’m still debating which specifically I think is the absolute best photo to submit to BorrowLenses’ Best of 2012 project.

In any case, I expect I’ll be nattering on about photography more in the new year as I work my way through some projects I intend to participate in and learn more about that shiny red camera pictured above.


  • I don’t really do the New Year’s resolution thing, but I think I need to consciously get myself back into a blogging routine. This year has been really . . . well, lacking I guess. And I can only blame so much of it on the pain issues.
  • I have been busy, busy, busy with the website design thing. And by that I mean I had a few projects that I thought were going to be relatively quick and combined they took the better part of a week. As always such projects are a wealth of learning opportunities for me and, in fact, I discovered a few things about the theme powering this blog that I didn’t even know.
  • And now I’m free to work on my neglected websites. I’m really itching to redesign this blog, but there are so many other more pressing things I probably should do. Except, of course, my back is having none of that and is very much letting me know this sitting at a desk thing is not acceptable. Have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow where I intend to complain mightily about this.
  • My mother made me a surprise lunch today. I can’t begin to tell you how touched I am by this.
  • Uschi was very happy to see snow this weekend. I was even more happy to see it all melt away with today’s mild temps. I am not looking forward to the return of the white stuff.
  • I had fully intended to decorate the house for the holidays, but the weekend went by and none of that happened. I also haven’t written a single holiday card yet. But I’ve a little wiggle room with my self-imposed extension. I figure I’ll start freaking out about that when I actually start receiving cards myself.
  • I have a cupcake backlog again. You all know what that means. ;-)

Wake Up

I mentioned yesterday that my to-do list was ridiculously long. Not surprisingly I didn’t accomplish all the things I supposedly had to.

So, I woke up this morning at 5 a.m. and I figure even if I still don’t get everything done, I did manage to get in my hour of yoga!

My other top priorities today include baking and decorating cupcakes for Thanksgiving #1’s dessert tonight and watching the Firefly marathon and anniversary special on Science Channel. Less important items on the infinite to-do list include cleaning up the house, grooming the dog, buying toilet paper, and finding the dining room table underneath the mountain of random crap currently on top of it.

EDIT: It was brought to my attention that LiveJournal suspended the syndicated feed for this blog. I contacted them and they got it working again. Apologies to the handful of readers there for the backlog of posts that spewed onto your friends page.

Four Years Old

Headshot of Uschi in harness on a white background

Uschi turns a whole four years old today! Unfortunately, pupcakes aren’t on the menu this year because I incorrectly thought I had a stash in the freezer. But there are other surprise goodies in store for the little shepherd and we’ll probably have a stop at Bettie’s Cakes later this week so she won’t be completely deprived of cupcake goodness. Alas, such is the life of a guide dog that today won’t be all birthday fun and in fact we have ourselves a mighty packed day. I’ll have my new spiffy red camera with me, so I’m sure there will be some cute photos to share later.


There’s this training challenge that I keep seeing pop up around the intarwebs that involves people putting their dogs in down-stays and then writing out their names in kibble. It’s a great test for a dog that’s food oriented, but it would just be a waste of perfectly good dog food for me since my shepherds seem to think if it touches the floor by my hand it is forever off limits. So instead, I give you this:

Uschi lying on the kitchen floor in a down-stay with a "pupcake" at her front paws

Uschi was very interested in the pupcake, but she didn’t move from her down-stay until I let her “take a break.” Actually getting her to look at me was something of a challenge since I was behind the cupcake and she was quite determined to not pay attention to it since it was on the floor. Rest assured once she was released she happily spent the next ten minutes savoring every last morsel!