Devil’s (Food) Cupcakes

Pans of devil's food cupcakes cooling on racks

You know, the irony of these cupcakes has only just dawned on me.


Brownie cupcakes in foil liners on a cooling rack, topped with peanut butter frosting


Seemingly out of nowhere, I have a cold. Let me tell you, it takes a long time to do anything when you have to stop every minute or so to blow your nose. Especially when it’s baking and decorating cupcakes because that requires the extra step of hand-washing before getting back into the project. Anyway, my snot-filled head aside, yesterday after three trips to the grocery store, I finally started my holiday baking. Today, I made these:

These little penguins will be joined shortly by yet more cupcakes — including noms for the shepherd who is currently nosing her head under my arm. For now I have presents to wrap and box up for tomorrow’s post.

Unrelated, remember how I moved my site back to my web server for the umpteenth time and subsequently broke most of the images here? Well, as of yesterday they’re all fixed!1 Yes, you read that correctly. It took me almost this entire year. I didn’t work on this every single day, but it was a very long process and it was possibly one of the most tedious tasks I have ever voluntarily undertaken.

There are, however, still a few related tasks to this that I haven’t yet finished. One is setting up a hub for the galleries I’ve created. I have a gallery that isn’t fully alt-tagged and another that isn’t organized or alt-tagged yet. And as I want to create a page for each of my guide dogs, I also have galleries to set up for them.2 Now that the brunt of the tedious work is behind me, though, I am hopeful that this all won’t take yet another year to finish. Especially because I have other sites I want to work on. Like maybe this one. *ahem*

EDIT: Wouldn’t it just be that in the same post that I proclaim all the images across the site are fixed the images IN THE POST are broken. *facepalms* Anyway, after some minor plugin tweaking, I believe everything is working as intended. Sorry about that, guys.

  1. Cue barrage of emails/comments alerting me to all the images I missed that are still broken. *groans*
  2. Well, Dolly’s is set up, but there’s no actual page yet.

Yoga Cupcakes

I may have to take some inspiration from these confections:

Cupcakes topped with gingerbread men in yoga poses

Yoga cookie cutters are available here. And there are more yoga cupcakes here.

Cupcake To-Do List

Apparently, there’s a huge backlog of people awaiting promised cupcakes. This is no doubt due to the fact that I haven’t baked any in quite some time. Which is subsequently at least partially because of the fact that I burned half of the batch I baked at Christmas.

So, because I am a glutton for punishment, I present to you, in no particular order, my list:

  • Sharon
  • Kimberly
  • Heather S.
  • Erica
  • Heather H.
  • Brooke
  • Kat
  • Zach
  • Gemma

Please feel free to remind me if I’ve promised you cupcakes and you don’t think you’re on this list. Or if you are incredibly patient, I’m happy to add you to the list. Be forewarned that my current track record has people waiting an average of six months1 and if I have to mail you cupcakes they very likely will be a box of tasty crumbs when they arrive.

  1. As it stands half of this list has been waiting even longer than that, but such is the problem when you (a.) live very far away from me and (b.) very much want a box of intact cupcakes.