Computer Go BOOM!

I had intended to mention in my last post that further updates would be sporadic at best due to the move being less than a week away, but right after I posted it my computer died a pretty grim death. It comes as hardly a surprise. I’d already decided that once things were settled at the new place I would most definitely be upgrading my very old and maddeningly slow laptop and probably the currently very dead desktop, too. So don’t be alarmed if you don’t see anything new around here for a few weeks. Hopefully we’ll be back fairly soon!

ZoomText USB

ZoomText is one of the leading adaptive software programs for screen enlargement. I’ve been using it for over ten years now and one of my biggest gripes about it is that you must acquire a license for every single installation. That may not sound so bad, but take for instance my own experience: I had three licenses purchased and installed a copy on both my desktop and laptop. Then my desktop died and had to be reformatted. At the time I didn’t think about that I was using another license to reinstall my copy of ZoomText, but when I brought the program to work to have it put on my computer there, I wasn’t able to because I’d exhausted my licenses. Granted, a quick phone call to AI Squared resolved this dilemma, it was still an inconvenience and I ended up wasting an entire day at work.

Today I was reading the latest issue of The Braille Forum and saw an announcement for a new version of ZoomText on a USB drive. Not only can ZoomText now be brought quite literally anywhere, one doesn’t need to purchase multiple licenses to install it more than once. I’m wondering how plausible it is to get that as my next upgrade.

Now I just want to see a portable version of JAWS!