In Review

As you might have guessed from the silence around here: I’ve been busy. Mostly I’ve been concentrating on midterms, but in the time spent blatantly procrastinating not doing that I’ve been dealing with computer frustration.

The iMac continues to be a fun new toy if a bit mystifying at times. I’m still trying to convince myself that even though I feel like I spent a small fortune, it was actually the cheaper and easier route to switch. I’ll expect about three months from now is when I’ll have truly confirmed this one way or the other.

My goal for the weekend is to get the office squared away. I think a good portion of my frustration stems from the inconvenient location the computer is currently in coupled with the continuing malfunction of my old desktop PC. Of note, JAWS is no longer working which is making the file transfer that much more difficult. Because, you know, PC to Mac transfers didn’t have enough issues.

On the nontechnical side of things, there is mostly a desire for the weather to decide it really wants to be Spring and have less of this pussyfooting about it. I would take it as a personal kindness if it could stop snowing!

March 10, 2013

When not gallivanting around the Capital District with friends, I’ve spent the last several days practically glued to my new iMac, so it seems kind of odd that I haven’t bothered to post. (I did start a few reviews that I’ll likely end up backdating once I actually finish writing them.)

Even though I wouldn’t say the transition from Mac to PC is difficult, it is different and just enough so that it’s sometimes quite a process to do what is in actuality quite a simple task. And, of course, since all the Apple products in the house are constantly talking to one another, I’m forever being distracted by notifications for email and text messages and various social media accounts.

And through all that, I’ve been working on school stuff. Well, trying to at least. I’m finding something of a chore to be on the PC at this point, which is partly because I want to play with my new computer and partly because it feels oddly foreign after trying to get used to using the Mac.

Hopefully once I get the new computer moved into my office I’ll be a bit more reliably around once again.


I spent the better part of today setting up my new iMac.

iMac“Setting up” here more closely resembling playing, but in my defense it took two hours to transfer my iTunes library and while it dawned on me I could be doing something more productive, I opted to try and learn how to use the magic trackpad and tweak various preference settings.

If I had any fear that there would be a learning curve to cope with, it was immediately confirmed when I couldn’t figure out why my new keyboard wouldn’t work. Seems I neglected to turn it on, which given how not obvious that was you would think that’d be listed in a step somewhere in the teeny instruction book that I didn’t bother to read. Also, I apparently managed to turn on the trackpad without realizing I had done so and didn’t really clue into the how of it.

In any case, it’s a very pretty computer and it’s temporarily taking up one end of my dining room table. I need to take apart the PC and rearrange1 my office before it moves to its permanent home. Which means I walk by it no matter where I’m going in the house and inevitably end up sitting down and poking at for long stretches of time. I find myself simultaneously awed by all the shiny features and totally baffled by how strangely foreign some of it is to me.

I’m sure to report more as I actually move over to using the iMac as my main computer. Suffice it to say, I think I’m already officially a convert.

  1. As I am replacing both of my broken printers with a new (hopefully not broken) printer and this computer takes up about the same space as my PC’s monitor, I have a lot more space to work with. Or I will once I clear out the broken printers and disassemble the PC.

It’s (Finally) Here!

And it’s HUGE!

Uschi sniffing the gigantic box housing my new iMac

As expected, Uschi had to make sure all that cardboard wasn’t hiding something fun for her. Or maybe she’s moonlighting as a bomb-sniffer. Who knows.

Some Yay and Some Ugh

My computer is on its last virtual legs, I think. Today while trying to compile the accessibility issues with WordPress’s Add Media panel, JAWS suddenly popped up a bunch of strange installation errors. And after trying to resolve those, my entire computer crashed. And now it’s doing all manner of odd things. I would very much like my new iMac to get here already. Seems like it’s been forever since it was ordered.

On the sort of brighter side, today I had an appointment with my rheumatologist who pretty much unequivocally ruled out nearly all of the speculated possible diagnoses I had for the pain issues, including fibromyalgia. He thinks the initial issue from last year was likely a pinched nerve from sleeping weird coupled with strained muscles and feels the continued issues are due to bursitis. So, in point of fact, my worry that working the dog had actually caused and/or exacerbated the issue were quite well founded. Though, thankfully, he doesn’t think I’m in danger of causing myself more harm by continuing to use my guide dog.

He gave me a bunch of exercises to add to my yoga routines, a script for a pretty powerful anti-inflammatory, and wants me back in two months. If I continue to have pain after all that, he wants me to have a cortisone injection. Well, actually he wanted me to have one today, but I’d rather try something that’s more sustainable since yoga has helped greatly over the last several months. Though, having said that, the poke-and-prod session has predictably left me feeling especially achy and a good part of me is regretting not jumping on the idea of an injection.