Very Unhappy

I had this whole other post planned1 and then I read this interview at DC Women Kicking Ass and my vision went red. I’ve been stunned into silence by the news of DC reboot. The only coherent thing I’ve had to say on it is that I’m totally baffled by the entire thing. It all just seems like a giant mistake and the strategies involved seem largely off base. But I apparently missed the whole Barbara Gordon! I think Jill Pantozzi’s op/ed piece at Newsarama says most everything I could think of.

This is good because I’m so angry I can’t form words right now. And the more I read about the whole thing the less reassured I am and the more confused I become. The justifications that DC has for taking Babs out of her chair and putting her back into her cape and cowl are just, well, lame.

  1. Sadly, no, it was not the recap of The Great Escape.