Not at SDCC :_;

One of these years I’ll brave the ginormous crowds of the San Diego Convention Center for Comic-Con. This was not that year and even if it was supposed to be I have stupid jury duty. [I just hit something in the post edit screen that made the whole screen dim except for this text. Neat, but have no clue how I did it.]

Anyway, since I’m buried under all the work that I didn’t get to during the week and likely won’t get to next week I’m just going to link to the Firefly panel because you should see it and make with the happy:

Also, there’s the press conference. And Morena had an interview with The Huffington Post and made a video. Good times.

EDIT: Gina Torres on not being at the 10th anniversary panel. She might be more sad about not being able to attend than everyone else; I’m really not sure.