Penguin Ornament

A holiday ornament hanging on the tree ofthree penguins using a mailbox made of ice to post their cards


A Christmas Story

During my senior year of high school my uncle was going through a divorce and for probably the first time ever he was solely responsible for holiday shopping. Suffice it to say we got some very, um, unique gifts that year. Among mine was an M&M dispenser, which I find hilarious for many reasons not the least of which being that I’m quite known for my lackluster feelings towards sweets. That isn’t to say I don’t like M&M’s, but personally I prefer the ones with peanuts or almonds and they don’t work in the dispensers.

Well, from that spawned somewhat of a tradition and without fail every year since I’ve gotten a new dispenser. Mostly they come from my father, but there have been a few random ones from other friends, too. At this point the shelf space they take up literally rivals my book collection and that is really saying something. Especially since I’ve never once acquired one on my own! Anyway, when last I was at my father’s, Keith had packed up a bunch of stuff of mine he’d come across while cleaning and lo was there not this here dispenser among them:

M&M dispenser showcasing Red and Yellow M&M dudes sitting in theater seats with 3-D glasses

Yes, it’s out of the box because back then they were novel enough that we had to test them out. This one was the first action/animated/whatever one I ever received. Some of them, like this one, are pretty clever with how they work. Some of them have lights and make sounds and do all sorts of interesting things. But what they all have in common is that they aren’t really useful to store M&M’s in.1 So, now that it’s formally back in my possession I set about cleaning it up as best I could and making a space for it to sit on my shelf.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, my dad has that first dispenser my uncle gave me. And, unlike the collection lining the shelves at my house, it’s actually being used to hold M&M’s!

EDIT: Unrelated, but worth mentioning, my blog is currently being eaten alive by spam. I’ve caught two legit comments that got thrown in the spam queue, but as there is such a huge influx of actual spam I can’t guarantee I’ll catch every one. So, my sincerest apologies if your comment gets lost; it is by no means personal. However, it would be awesome if you would email me if you think you got spammified, so I can whitelist you!

  1. This one dumps them in that tiny popcorn bucket and even with small hands I find it a challenge to dig them out.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

A snow globe holiday ornament hanging on the tree; inside is a snowman

While I confess that I sometimes find it quite a chore, one of my favorite traditions of the holiday season is decorating the tree. I always feel more in the spirit when the tree is up. It’s like the holidays become official to me somehow by this one tradition. Personally, I’ve always found that moment when everything is on the tree and you first turn the lights on to be a bit magical. It is truly my favorite part of the entire process and as a child I could often be found in the living room just sitting, mesmerized by our lit tree. My dad’s trees are always quite spectacularly filled with lights and they almost seem to glow from within when he’s through. I find it utterly beautiful and one of these days I’ll become adept enough with my camera and I’ll manage to capture a decent shot of it!

I finally put up and decorated my own tree last night/early this morning after, well, a lot of work. The snow globe ornament in the photo above is part of a set that my father gave me the Christmas before I moved into my very first apartment and they have prominently hung on my tree ever since. I’m kind of proud that I haven’t broken one yet since they are, obviously, quite delicate and rather heavy. Honestly, I don’t have the best track record with breakable ornaments. It’s a minor miracle if I only break one in a given year and last year, in fact, I broke on of my favorites while taking down decorations, which is generally when things seem to get broken. It’s probably why I procrastinate on that task as long as possible.

EDIT: I think I jinxed myself because one of these just fell off the tree and broke. ;_;

Holiday Greetings

Me and Uschi with Santa Claus

It’s officially the holiday season, though, I’ve not quite managed to wrap my head around that. I guess it’s the lack of snow and the utterly dreary weather we’ve been having. Not that I want snow either, but at least if it was covering the ground it would seem less depressing.

Uschi had her very first visit to the groomer’s today and it was possibly the most disorienting day for me imaginable. I do not like being without a guide dog. I do not like being in malls. And both of those things together was just about the worst thing ever. But now that the dog is all prettied up — and supposedly as deshedded as can be — I have no real excuse to not get the house decorated. So, that’s my goal for this evening.

I sent out the first batch of holiday cards today. I’m not finished writing all of them yet and I am fairly certain I will have extras, so you are still welcome to put in your request if you haven’t yet.

Dear Santa

[Guest post by Uschi.]

Dear Santa,

I have been extra specially good this year. Well, okay, I’ve destroyed a lot of toys, but that is what dog toys are for, right? I mean, I haven’t even once tried to eat the coffee table this year and I really find it tasty.

So, for Christmas this year can you please send me a puppy? I really want a pal to play with and one who I won’t wear out so easily, like Yara. Oh, or you can send me one of these, they seem fun, too:

Uschi touching her nose to an infant in a carrier

Thanks in advance, Father Christmas!


P.S. One of Cyndy’s friends on Facebook reminded me that I’ve also stopped pouncing on her after she finishes doing her weird routine on her red mat. I think that gives me bonus Good Points right there, so maybe you could also send some new bones and chew toys my way just for that!