The Holidays and the New Year

Yara asleep on the sofa bed

I know in my last post I promised that I’d be back with many an update and photo after the holidays, but things have just been far too hectic and crazy to sit down and write everything out. All in all, though, everything has been pretty good and I’m glad to finally be on an almost normal schedule and routine with Yara.

My uncle’s wedding was an interesting experience. I was very shocked that both Dolly and Yara had their own program1 and gift bags. Aside from some soft whining throughout the ceremony, both dogs were very good. I’m sure we were quite the spectacle walking in late with two dogs, especially since we were sitting right up in the very front! At the reception word spread pretty quickly about the dogs. It did amuse me that no one could keep the dogs straight as to which was whom and I must have explained how to pronounce Yara’s name about a hundred times. They both seemed to really enjoy all the attention they were getting, but once the waiters started circulating with the hors d’oeuvres, Dolly became quite a handful and as we were staying the night at the mansion, Dad put her in one of the rooms for the remainder of the reception.

Yara, on the other hand, was on her very best behavior. She did whine a bit here and there, but for the most part she was content to just lie on the floor. I did give her a few breaks both outside and in my room to relieve some of her pent up energy and de-stress a bit. Not surprisingly, she didn’t touch her dinner or breakfast the next morning, but she did eat some treats from her gift bag.

We spent the rest of the days until Christmas at my father’s and it was a mixture of fun and stress with the two dogs. Dolly’s such a timid and submissive dog; not to mention old and fat. While Yara is still full of puppy energy combined with being in yet another new place. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But after a few days they seemed to be all right with each other. They even slept together a few nights on the same dog bed! And despite being very much out of shape, Dolly got quite rambunctious a few times — once they got so excited and crazy they crashed a chair into one of the fish tanks in the living room and caused a rush of water to slosh out the back!

The biggest thing I noticed was they were both extremely jealous of one another. If one girl had a toy, the other would steal it. If one girl was being paid attention to by one of us, the other would shove her way in to get petted, too. Yara was especially annoying with her lack of rear-end coordination — she kept slapping everyone with her long tail, including Dolly. She got her full on in the face more than a few times! The absolute funniest thing had to be the slight identity crisis that kept going on with them. Every time I’d call one dog, the other would charge up to me. Or if I gave one girl a command, the other would listen to me. Though, there were a few times both girls would promptly “sit” or “down.” Usually when I was trying to get one dog to come and the other to “stay.” It was very amusing and only a little annoying.

While I was at Dad’s, I did notice that Yara had somehow ripped a pad near her wrist. Of course I discovered this the Saturday before Christmas and had no ability to call my vet! There was a good chunk of dried pad hanging off that I think she’d been chewing on. She didn’t seem bothered by it and as it wasn’t on her paw I didn’t think it was a huge deal. Keith looked at it and said it appeared to already be healing up and wasn’t red or oozing anything. I have absolutely no idea when or how she ripped the pad, but a few days later she gnawed off the excess bit hanging off, which promptly ceased my worrying.

Since we’ve been back home, things have been pretty mundane. We’re finally working with a pretty regular routine now and Yara seems to be adjusting fairly well. She was a bit off color about a week ago and she got sick in the middle of Walmart much to my embarrassment, but otherwise we haven’t had much issue. The weather has been horrible for outside traveling, though, so we haven’t had much chance to do curb work which is annoying. Megan called last week to check up on us and I made a point to note that as we’re due for a home evaluation at some point. Hopefully we’ll be able to find somewhere decent to work whenever Fidelco comes to see us.

I’ve got many a cute photo of the girl, but for now I tease you with this photo to the right because it makes me laugh:

Yara lying next to me on the bed covering my mouth with her paw

And on a completely different topic, in the last few weeks I’ve gotten a lot of comment spam here on the site. If you leave a comment and it doesn’t show up, it probably isn’t an error, but rather it got dropped into moderation. Don’t worry, I’ll see it no matter what, so please don’t try and resubmit. :)

  1. Instead of the normal place cards, everyone was given a little program that detailed the events of the ceremony.

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and yours a very safe and joyful holiday season!
Me and Yara sitting in front of our decorated tree[Photo courtesy of the wonderful Megan, our Fidelco instructor.]

Yara and I have a busy schedule through the holidays, starting off with my uncle’s wedding this afternoon at The Belvedere Mansion. Which is to say, we’ll probably be rather absent for a bit; but fear not, we promise to be back in the new year with many a witty post and adorable photo. :)