Old WordPress

It’s no secret that I really love WordPress. Almost every site I’ve made in the last decade has been based on it and I’ve powered my own website with it since 2004.

Yet, I have to say I kind of miss this:

The 'write post' screen from WordPress version 1.2

Sure, it lacks a lot of the frills that WP core has implemented over these many years. There was no need for a “distraction free” writing environment because, well, there wasn’t much there. The only organization for posts was categories. And there was no auto-save feature, which has admittedly saved me a fair number of times when my router has decided being connected to the Internet isn’t a thing it should do!

The “famous five-minute install” was touted a lot back then. And, in fact, if you didn’t have a god awful connection, you could probably upload all of the core files and still manage to get that install done in those five minutes. That is definitely not a thing of today. I have fiber and the last WP site I had to fully upload and install took me almost a half hour.1

Of course, the userbase has evolved and WordPress isn’t just a blogging software. Rather it’s become a full content management and publishing software.

I think that’s wonderful, but sometimes I think it’s just too much for what is needed. I’m going to sound like a senior citizen yelling at children to get off my lawn, but damn it if sometimes I don’t want or need a full C.M.S. to power the site I’m building despite the simplicity WP provides in pushing content to visitors.

Sometimes, I just want that small, little blogging software from 10 years ago!

  1. To be fair, I was also poking around on YouTube to bide my time and there are at least six other things connected to the router sucking my bandwidth.

Dolly’s Blog

“What ever happened to Dolly’s blog?”

Good grief! There are still people around that remember that thing?!

I mean, just, wow. That was back in my LiveJournal days and I moved this blog off of there in 2004! I also moved Dolly’s blog to a WordPress site and basically it was never updated after that.

As disappointing as some people found it, though, the reason the blog was abandoned was simply that I got too busy. Writing snarky posts on a daily basis in the guise of my guide dog wasn’t nearly as amusing when I didn’t have acres of free time. That graduate thesis wasn’t going to write itself no matter how much I willed it to happen.

There is a bit of irony in the timing of this question, however, since I very recently contacted someone about possibly commissioning some artwork for guidingdolly.com.1 I’m still not 100% what I plan to do with it, but no I will not be starting up another blog. I barely can manage to keep my own blog updated after all!

Oh, and before you ask, there is no archive of the blog. Any backup I had of it was eaten during the Great ‘Puter Crash of Aught Six and whatever was still online has long since been lost to the ether of the intarwebs.

Do you have a question for me? Comment below, email me, or utilize any of the social links to the right.

  1. Yes, I’ve kept the domain all these years. I’m rather attached to it since it was the first domain I ever owned.

Project DQ

Metal slime: a grinning, silvery-colored teardrop shaped enemy from the Dragon Quest seriesOkay, wow, I’m honestly surprised at the interest in my Dragon Quest playthrough project, hereafter to most likely be referred to as Project DQ (PDQ). A number of people have contacted me about this playthrough, so let me acknowledge a few of those messages:

  • Yes, I know the hero’s name arguably should be Roto. It’s a romanization of the Japanese liquid consonant, which means technically both are correct.
  • On that note, I am aware of the importance of the hero’s name, but I didn’t utilize the information when I chose my name or how to spell it.
  • No, this is not a blind playthrough. (See the section below for further details on this project.)
  • However, this is the first time I’ve played the SFC remake. And it’s been a very long time since I played Dragon Warrior on the NES. Still, I’ll likely compare the two a lot.
  • Thanks for the tip about searching pots, dressers, etc. I know to search them in later games and I had noticed their presence in the remake; I just hadn’t realized they were more than graphical background additions.
  • Also, thank you for the suggestions on which versions to play with regard to future entries, but I’ll get into that below.

I suppose I should also announce the ground rules I have:

  1. This project is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Square Enix who own and hold the copyright for Dragon Quest and all of its related material. All usage of such material here is done under fair use as defined by United States law. Further, all opinions stated are my own.
  2. These will not be 100% playthroughs. I intend to thoroughly explore each game and do side content, but my only goal is to complete the main story.
  3. These will be entirely legitimate runs. No cheats. No hacking. No fast forwarding. No save states.
  4. I will not be using guides or walkthroughs. They aren’t necessary anyway since I’ve played through all of the games before except for V and VI. However, I will be utilizing references for things like item stats, alchemy recipes, etc.1
  5. I have no time frame for this project. RPGs are generally long and most of the DQ games are perfect examples of this. That means I have no idea how long it will take me to get through all nine games. I also want to avoid burning out, so I don’t want to rush through the games and I expect I’ll be playing other things on the side.2

Without actually recording myself while I’m playing, which I don’t have the capabilities to do anyway, I can’t exactly prove I’m adhering to the above statements. So, you’ll just have to take me at my word. In any case, I will note any changes to the above if the need arises.

There has been a lot of debate online as to the best versions of each DQ entry and I’ve given the topic a great deal of thought. In the end, I’ve more or less decided on the SFC remakes for I-III (patched with fan translations), the North American DS releases of IV-VI, and the official NA releases for the remaining three games. Yes, I am well aware of the shortcomings of the DS versions and quite honestly my main reason for choosing them over other, arguably better, versions is that I own them and haven’t yet played them. However, I think I’ll leave talk of all that until I actually get to said games.

Finally, even though of late posting here has been, at best, rather sparse, I don’t want this one project to completely take over the site, so after giving this some thought I decided that I’ll be keeping the PDQ posts to roughly once or twice a week. By doing this I can play the games at a leisurely pace and have the time to organize the ridiculous number of screenshots I’ll take. If you’re jonesing for more than that I will be posting snippets under the “Project DQ” tag on my Tumblr, too.

  1. There’s no way I could keep all that straight in my head even if I didn’t have the memory of a gnat.
  2. I just started Radiant Historia, which is proving to be a fantastic experience.

Quick ‘n’ Dirty

I’ve been dealing with an issue with my left eye for about two weeks now which is probably not pink eye but being treated as if it were. The whole thing came on kind of suddenly and for several days my eye burned and watered constantly as if I had soap in it. I was beyond miserable and by the time I broke down and went to the doctor I was in utter agony. I was prescribed some soothing drops which seem to have done just that, but the last few days I’m noticing an increase in the discomfort again. This correlates to me lessening how often I’ve been administering the drops, so I’m strongly considering requesting a refill before I completely run out.

Uschi’s eyes however are finally almost entirely healed. She has just the teeniest raw spot under her left eye and her right, which was by far the worse of the two, has only a thin scab. I’m entirely shocked she doesn’t have scaring and in fact it looks quite likely there will be no evidence of her wounds. I don’t know why this is so surprising considering the same thing happened last year with her nose and that also shows no signs of being rubbed raw.

Aside from the household eye health, the only other noteworthy thing I can think of to share is that in the interest of quelling the nagging voices to get me to update more consistently, I’m debating a blog idea that in an off-hand way Brooke gave me. She complained about the “strange” lack of personal details in my about page and chided me for not keeping it more up-to-date. There are a bunch of reasons for this and as I listed them off I realized that in and of themselves this was almost an entirely new blog. And then I thought about my abandoned WP.com blog and how I’ve toyed with trying to resurrect it in some way. Anyway, I’ll get into all that another time after I’ve got a more firm grasp on what, if anything, I will be doing.

Goodbye, LJ

On the heels of my nattering on about blogging and my lack thereof, I received an email informing me that LiveJournal has deleted my account.1

It’s amusing to me that it took them some 7 years to finally get around to noticing the complete lack of activity I’ve had on my old blog there. But I guess the clincher was that I sort of locked myself out of my account about two years ago and never bothered to fix that. Oops. Still, it’s kind of bittersweet for me. LJ was my first blogging home and I have met some pretty awesome friends through the community there. Except, like me, they’ve all basically abandoned LJ for other haunts like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.2 Then again, I had one foot out the door of LJ long before they were bought and then later sold by Six Apart so I don’t know why the email was even a little jarring to me. I guess it’s just the finality of it. Like Geocities shutting down, this is yet another piece of my Internet beginnings that will no longer be a part of my life.

Anyway, if for some ridiculous reason you’ve been looking for me over there, this is just to say the obvious: I haven’t been around and I won’t be coming back. Sorry. Really though there’s just too many other places to be. Even sometimes places that have nothing to do with a keyboard and a monitor. I know, it’s crazy!

  1. There’s still a syndicated feed if you actually still use LJ and for some reason insist on reading my blog via them.
  2. And, of course, I barely use all of those.