Not Really Answering the Questions

Doctor’s office called Friday afternoon with my test results from my blood work and ultrasound, but I missed the call and didn’t notice until well after the office had called. The ultrasound “showed nodes on both sides of my neck” and the office is making an appointment with an endocrinologist. I will say that my throat has been feeling really funky since the ultrasound, but I’m fairly sure I’ve got a cold or something so it could just be related to that. My blood work came back normal save for a Vitamin D deficiency, which I presume is probably from being stuck in an office all day even though I do drink milk. Anyway, I’m now on a three-month supplement for that.

For some reason the actual pain stuff wasn’t covered and I inquired about exactly what was going on with that. My understanding was that the appointment for the ultrasound was also supposed to incorporate checking out my shoulder. I also noted that the negative Lyme test doesn’t really mean much to me given they often return negative and I want to pursue that more aggressively, e.g., start taking antibiotics. So, basically, I’m still waiting on answers and I’m mildly annoyed that there isn’t more of a sense of urgency from the office about all of this.

In other news, Uschi had her yearly and she’s healthy as can be aside from some funky growth on her back foot that I thought was nothing, but is apparently something to be alarmed at. Also it seems they neglected to charge me for some of the tests that were run so I have an outstanding balance to be paid. Given how much I paid for the visit in the first place it doesn’t really faze me but it’s still an annoyance.

And on a mostly unrelated topic, today is Blind Americans Equality Day. (Formerly, and still more commonly known as White Cane Safety Day.)

October 15, 2011

Today is Blind Americans Equality Day, formally know as White Cane Safety Day. Since 1964 today has been a date where the achievements of blind people have been celebrated. Primarily this has been done through showcasing the white cane, and subsequently guide dogs, and raising awareness of the White Cane Law.

For me, today was a busy day. Uschi and I observed White Cane Day by waking up at an ungodly hour for a Saturday and then booking to to Albany for my incredibly overdue hair appointment. After that surprisingly long appointment, we headed straight back home to meet up with Jenn, Greg and Mandy and then sped off to Alice and Josh’s to help out with their move. In exchange for our assistance in packing and lugging their stuff across the Capital District, we were fed both lunch and dinner. And I am now so exhausted from the day I can’t recall much more than that other than my dog was quite a good girl given the circumstances.

I shall go faceplant into my bed now.

Some Things

Thing One: Yara is entered in Dogster’s Cutest Dog and Cat Show thing. So, click below and go vote for her — and check out the other ludicrously cute entries, they’re bound to make your day better.

VOTE for Yara in The 5th Annual World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show!

Thing Two: Here’s the Big News! I alluded to yesterday — I got the news yesterday that I will be transferring to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock to complete my graduate program. It’s also an online program, though, I will have to go to AR for a week, which will be vastly better than my last stay since I’ll be at the Hilton and the whole thing is part of the tuition. Oh, and the tuition is actually substantially cheaper than what I’m paying at UB! Also, as this program’s been around for awhile, I’m of the mind that they won’t advise me to take the wrong class and thus create major headaches for my graduation requirements. Also, since this school is even FARTHER away than my current one, I’m that much more guaranteed not to be forced to attend graduation by my family. Score!

Thing Three: And lastly, today is White Cane Safety Day!