Things in Threes

My uncle Jeff passed away yesterday morning. His memorial is tomorrow. I am very sad.

Yara has hives. Pretty sure it’s from being at my grandmother’s last week.

Brushed Uschi this morning and found what I thought were flea eggs. Then found a flea crawling on her belly. I think this is also from staying at my grandparents as I got bit up like crazy while we were there. EDIT: Was at first confused by the vet’s lack of concern when I called, but turns out what I saw was flea poop. Plus, she’s top-spotted anyway. Her annual checkup is tomorrow morning.

In any case, this week is so fired. *cries*

EDIT: Updated link for Jeff’s obituary as there was a correction made.


Uschi lying on her bed with her leg wrapped possessively around her giant fleece bone

If a picture says a thousand words, this one would is basically “mine” repeated a la the Finding Nemo seagulls. If Uschi were more vocal, I’d say it would just be a succession of growls. But either way it’s clear: the fleece bone is belong to her.

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And the Weekend Begins…

[Note: This is probably TMI for anyone adverse to bodily functions or the like. You have been warned.]

The other day I posted about Yara’s continuing health issues. Talked with the vet Thursday afternoon and she agreed with my desire to “nip this in the bud” as it were. Since I still have meds from the last time, she suggested putting Yara on a very short course of the Prednisone and then tapering it off with increased allergy medicine. Of course, Yara’s still basically refusing to eat…

At roughly 2:30 a.m. I was startled awake by the sound of gushing water followed shortly thereafter by lapping sounds that were unmistakably Yara.

I leaped out of bed and rushed over to her crate and saw the product of some very explosive and runny diarrhea. And, of course, not only was my lovely companion laying in the mess . . . in an obvious effort to hide what was technically a no-no she was trying to eat it. Don’t you just love dogs?

I suppressed my own desire to make an accident of my own and dragged her straight to the bathroom to rinse her off. Not before she scooted passed me and plopped her mess-covered self on her bed. While she was drying off a bit in the tub — and looking terribly pained by this — I bundled up the blankets from the crate and inspected the necessary cleaning. At first glance it didn’t seem too bad and so I left that chore until after I got Yara outside to potentially empty herself out.

Because she’s Yara, of course, she just stood out there and stared at me like I was a complete moron for taking her outside.

So, back inside I tossed the blankets into the washing machine and set about cleaning off her bed and crate. Yara took the opportunity while I was cleaning her crate to spend some time in the living room vomiting up an entire river of bile and water right by her bed. Seeing a theme here yet? If not, I’m sure you will soon.

Out comes roll number two of paper towels and I busy myself with cleaning up the vomit. Yara’s being super cooperative and won’t get off her bed, which is right in the path of the spreading liquid on the floor. After physically manhandling her away so I can move the bed, she pees on it.

And in the kitchen.

Where she continues to throw up.

And then step in it.

I’m on my last roll of paper towels at this point and moving onto any available rag I can find.

I drag her outside again — along with two rather foul bags of garbage. This time she relieves herself and manages to drag her tail through it while waddling around. This happens shockingly often since her tail is about as long as her entire body.

Back inside she lays down on her bed with messy feet and tail before I can even turn around to shut the front door. This time it takes four tries to call her off the bed — she keeps coming over to me about halfway and then running back to the bed, walking in a circle on it and laying down. Anyway, I rinse her off in the tub again. She’s looking quite morose at this point because, I think, getting sprayed with the shower attachment is akin to being beaten alive.

She’s dry heaving at this point and making a weird clicking/chomping noise with her teeth that I think was her attempt to hold the heaving in? I’m taking this as a good sign, as pathetic as that may seem, because I’ve now run out of rags and am on to clean towels to clean up things. And honestly, at this point I can’t believe she has an ounce of liquid left in her stomach to discharge in either direction. Somewhere in here I cleaned off her bed for a third time, which required basically pulling it out from under her to achieve.

Yara fell asleep soon after I finished cleaning her bed the last time. I plan to try and get her to eat some plain rice later on this morning but I’m not confident she’ll cooperate. Poor thing. All I can say is how happy I am to be living where I do right now. If I were at the Elouise, I’d have little ability to bathe Yara beyond a sponge bath since the tub there was so archaic. Not to mention at this point I’d be looking at at least $10 to do all the laundry that’s accumulated.

The State of the Yara

I have come to two conclusions regarding Yara: 1.) Her desire to eat is directly linked to how she’s feeling health-wise, which is to say I don’t think she’s feeling so hot because food has certainly been the enemy the last few days.. 2.) I’m 95% positive that the mystery allergen she randomly suffers from is cat dander. Both times that she’s had a major reaction were after spending extended time at my grandparents — during which one time I also broke out in hives — and she’s displayed mild itchiness and/or much sneezing when exposed to other situations where cats are present.

The ultimate factor in coming to this conclusion stems from attending SWAG this past Sunday; Yara’s been pretty itchy since and she was basically fine before then. She’s also been incredibly unwilling to eat the last several days, which as I said before is usually a sure sign that something is up with her. (Doesn’t make it any less frustrating, though.) I don’t know if it’s worth going to the vet over. I still have lots of medicine left from her last bought with allergies, but I’ve put a call into the vet to pick her brain on the matter.

In other news, I registered for classes yesterday. And because it’s me this was, of course, fraught with issues. I was supposed to register on Tuesday and while attempting to I came upon a roadblock. The school computer wouldn’t allow me to register because for whatever reason when they updated my address they somehow took away my declared major and thus put me in non-degree status. That’d be all fine and good if registration was open for non-matric students, but it isn’t for another few weeks. Two phone calls to the school later and I finally was able to get myself registered for classes. Speedy as they are, it only took them five seconds after registering to generate a bill and send me a notice via email. Oh, well.

Classes start in about a month and I’m using the remaining time to soak up as many personal reads as I can before I end up buried under academic work. I’ve still been writing something every day, but I have to admit it’s hardly organized and I haven’t even looked at my book in months because I’m truly intimidated by the mess it became thanks to last year’s Nano. Although, I do have a spiffy idea for this year’s Nano! I also decided, especially given I’ll be in the full swing of classwork, that for this year I don’t plan to approach Nano the same way I usually do. In other words, I’ll write and probably attend Write-Ins but I won’t be focusing on writing daily or word counts. No one but me cars about that stuff anyway, right?

Other than that, nothing much to report. Work continues to be a nightmare that I don’t want to talk about. But I take solace in the fact that it’s not permanent and that all drama regarding my place of residence seem to be behind me. In fact, and hopefully I’m not jinxing myself, I’m incredibly shocked that it’s been almost a month and I’ve heard not a peep from, as Sarah has dubbed her, “the Dragon Lady” about any supposed monies owed — including September’s rent, which I felt surely she would attempt to insist I would have to pay. I haven’t seen anyone from the Elouise to ask, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone has already moved into my old apartment.

I’ve also been cooking and baking quite a bit. I think it’s making the new/old place feel even more like home. I’m just happy I didn’t end up having to eat two dozen apple cupcakes, though. Especially since I’ve promised cupcakes for Kimmy whenever she comes to visit.

Moving Forward

Now that things are official with Yara’s retirement and reapplying for my next guide is well under way, I have been slowly sharing the news with people. This included having a meeting yesterday afternoon with my supervisor at work to discuss all of this. In specific, I wanted to talk with her about the two weeks I’ll need to take off for training.

I was actually very surprised at how supportive she was. I didn’t really know what to expect, but historically things at work that involve Yara haven’t always been dealt with in the best way by my superiors. Anyway, she seemed to take everything fine and well. Maybe because she had her own little bombshell to drop.

Turns out that there have been complaints about the smell from my area due to Yara. She was quick to affirm that she personally never noticed anything and none of the people near my desk were aware of any odious smells from my area or Yara herself. Regardless, it had been decided that the carpet under my desk would be cleaned as soon as possible. She also wanted to have an air freshener sprayed around daily to help mitigate any lingering odors.

I really don’t even know. I did mention to her that perhaps this smell that someone is bothered by doesn’t have so much to do with Yara’s lack of cleanliness — which I stressed was unlikely anyway since she’s groomed daily and often sprayed with a coat spray that has a lovely scent of tea tree oil — but rather this might have more to do with the medicated spray she was being dosed with for the sores on her rear end and back legs. I also noted that during the whole of my time at VESID I’d only ever heard such a complaint about my dog stinking one other time and that was in January when she had hot spots — which did smell quite raunchy — and was also being medicated with a topical treatment that wasn’t so pleasant on the olfactory sense.

She admitted she hadn’t thought of that, but even so the cleaning regimen was already in place in spite of the fact that Yara’s healed up from her wounds. Honestly I think they are pretty lazy about cleaning the building anyway so I wasn’t going to make a big fuss about it. I did ask that if they were going to use any scented air fresheners to perhaps only do so on Fridays after I leave so as to limit my exposure to any migraine triggers. Shouldn’t surprise you that suggestion was most agreeable to her. I also told her I’d bring home Yara’s blankets and have them laundered, even though I routinely switch them out every few weeks. Hopefully that will resolve any wayward complaints from random coworkers about any possible smells.

On a sort of related topic, Yara will be off the antibiotics in a few days. Her sores, as I mentioned, are fully healed. I can’t tell if she still has hives, but the steroids seemed to have finally kicked in and relieved the itchiness. She still seems to be sneezing quite a bit, but her nose isn’t all stuffy sounding or drippy. All in all, I think she’s basically on the mend. Fingers crossed that we can get through the rest of our working days with limited interruption in my work schedule because I need all the leave time I can accumulate.