Goodbye, Yara

Portrait of me and Yara on a white background; Yara is in harness, lying on the floor beside me, resting her head on my knee

Thank you for being an amazing partner and an equally awesome companion.


While doing some housecleaning1 I found puppy photos of Uschi and Nahla. And, so of course, I have to share them! I believe these both were taken their very first days with their respective foster families, too.

  1. Both literally and virtually.

Birthday Wreath

I got a pretty thing from my grandmother:

Flowery wreath hanging on my front door

It seemed a fitting day to assure you all of my continued state of being not dead since it’s my birthday. Yay me!

The Capitol

Every now and again I take a photo that I am ridiculously proud of.

The New York State Capitol lit up at night on the Empire State Plaza

Not entirely related, but I really should get back into the habit of using my fancy Nikon. If only it weren’t such a pain to lug around.

Five Years!

Black and white pencil sketch of Uschi buried in the snow

There is so much I have been meaning to post about — and one thing in particular will likely happen very soon. But for now, I just wanted to acknowledge the fifth anniversary of being partnered with Uschi. Honestly, I can’t believe it’s been five years already because it has gone by incomprehensibly fast for me. And yet, even though I have fond memories of working my other girls, I feel almost as if I’ve never been without this wonderful and wacky guide dog.