Back and Forth

Well, if there’s one thing you can predict with certainty about me and my websites it’s that I am completely unpredictable. Case in point, I’m moving things around. Once more1 I’m packing up and headed off to my little slice of the great WWW. Or in lay terms, my personal web server.

It’s something I’ve been very slowly working on for a few months now in an attempt to de-clutter my online presence a bit and now seemed as good as any other to get on with the thing. So you will please pardon the virtual dust as things are juggled around a bit. Do let me know if you find anything bizarre or quite broken. (I think I fixed the comment form, which was giving me the strangest of errors during my testing.) And please excuse the unfinished look of things as I finalize the design elements. Or, you know, completely break them as is per usual.

  1. I’ve long since lost count of how many moves this blog has been relocated, but this is the third time I’ve made this exact move.