New Home for #TheADBC

Update your links! The Assistance Dog Blog Carnival (#TheADBC) has a new home page! (And shortlink, too.)

Assistance Dog Blog Carnival

Perhaps you caught this announcement in the extraordinarily late 15th edition, but then it’s basically gone unmentioned since then. This is at least partially due to the fact that the ADBC was quite cozy over at its home on After Gadget and physically moving it was an astounding amount of work. It seemed rather pointless to promote all that change until things were finished.

Nevertheless, Brooke and I are incredibly honored to be co-organizing the ADBC! We sincerely thank Sharon not only for letting us adopt the Carnival from her, but for the years of hard work she put into maintaining it before handing it off to us.1

We also have a few additional announcements about the Carnival itself.

First up, we’re introducing our new hashtag: #TheADBC! We want to consolidate the many different hashtags that people may be using to promote the Carnival. We’re hoping this will help with visibility and keep out the spam from searches.

Second, we are going to drop the frequency of editions down to twice per year. This isn’t a decision we came to lightly and we sincerely hope this will help in increasing participation once again. We want to give everyone time to prepare their submissions and not feel stressed by the next edition coming before they are ready.

Last, but not least, we discovered that several past editions of the ADBC are no longer publicly accessible. 2 To alleviate any further broken editions, we will be archiving all past and future editions of the ADBC with full attribution given to the original host.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about the ADBC. And be on the lookout for 16th edition, which should be going up soon!

  1. Honestly, we don’t know how she managed to do it when the two of us seem practically buried by the responsibility!
  2. We were able to retrieve all but one edition at the time of this announcement.

Welcome Back!

If you’re seeing this post, that means that DNS has fully propagated and you’re correctly viewing my website from its new home on the web. Yay!

I’ve checked and rechecked to make sure everything is working, but if you notice anything bizarre or something broken please let me know. So far I’m pleased with the move. I’m not noticing the sluggish server connections or numerous timeouts that were becoming commonplace with my old host.1 Keeping my fingers crossed, though. ;-)

  1. Again, a story for another time.


With luck you won’t notice anything on your end, but I apologize if you experience any brokenness or the like as I’m migrating the site to a new web host.

Here’s hoping this is a more permanent home than the last host1 because this is always a giant project filled with annoyance.

Thanks for understanding, guys.

  1. A story for another time.

(Very Slowly) Migrating Images

I’m always thankful when people alert me to issues here on the site. But it never fails to amuse me that 99% of the time people are informing me of things I already know about. This is most generally due to the fact that I am the one that caused the issue. Pretty much it’s a safe bet that if you find something not quite right here, I’m trying to change/update/whatever things and inadvertently broke stuff.

Case in point, when I moved the site from a few months back I sort of lost a bunch of photos in the switch. I was a bit more concerned that the actual content of the site made it over and forgot to check if the photos did. I haven’t been too worked up about it because they aren’t actually gone since I’ve long since learned the lesson of backing things up.

Also, I’ve been wanting to consolidate things a bit and move all the photos to my server anyway. But if I’m going to do it, I want to do it right and have everything be organized. Which is to say I’ve been working on this. Slowly. It’s a huge project.1 And it’s really tedious and incredibly boring.

And yes, I do intend to get back to more regular posting. No, I don’t know exactly when that will be.

  1. To give you some context, I’m currently finishing up May 2008.

Broken Images

Yes, I am aware that there are a bunch of broken images around the site right now. For some reason the import duplicated a few and/or didn’t actually upload others. It’s odd and I don’t understand what happened

In an effort to organize my photos, I’m currently working on moving things off of Flickr anyway so it’s already on the list to fix all that. I’m not sure if I’ll actually move everything off of Flickr, but the impending arrival of my new iMac is a big reason for this sudden push to finally get going with the online de-cluttering. If I have to spend time setting up an entire new computer, I may as well have it done neatly.

Anyway, things are still in a state of flux around here, but do please let me know if you spot other oddities.