EPI Awareness

Recently, an EPI dog was featured on Ellen:

It’s a sweet story and I’m so pleased that they were invited onto the show. However, I am deeply sad to see almost no focus on EPI. We’ve come a bit since 2008, when I was struggling to get Yara diagnosed, where EPI was still considered a disorder that mainly affected GSDs. But even today it can still be a very difficult diagnosis to make despite the fact that we know it is not exclusive to the German shepherd or even to dogs!

Video Announcement

Footer Fixed

Turns out when I “fixed” the site after the massive breakage from upgrading to WP 4.2, I broke my footer. That was only three months ago and I literally noticed the issue five minutes ago!

Anyhow, I’m sure you will all be thrilled to know it is now fixed. Huzzah!

Not Dead. Yet.

After very much troubleshooting I have managed to undo the inexplicable thing that took down my entire site sometime last night. I suspect it was an automatically updated plugin (in preparation for WP 4.2) that borked things up. Exactly which I have no idea since things just sort of magically started working after cleaning out and reinstalling my theme and plugins. And I’m not one to question things that work even if I don’t understand the why or how of it.

Anyway, no, I am not dead. At least not as yet.

New-Old Subscribers

It was brought to my attention that WordPress.com now has a tool to transfer subscribers from there to a self-hosted blog running Jetpack. So, I pooped on over and gave it a shot and it looks like it actually brought some folks over here from my (abandoned) account there. It’s not the several hundred or so that got lost in limbo when Support ran a similar tool last year, but hey, it’s not nothing!

So, welcome back new-old friends. It’s been awhile, no?