Little Things

A few minutes ago I took Uschi out for a quick constitutional. As I was about to clip her leash on her collar, she shook herself off leaving me with a momentary need to relocate the ring with my fingers.

Before I could do that, she nudged her head forward and just tapped the inside of my wrist with her nose. Uschi knows to target and she’ll often do this of her own accord to let me know she’s there and paying attention. This little gesture was basically her saying she was all set after her big shake and she wouldn’t move until her leash was clipped on. I’d like to think it was also partially an “I’m sorry.”

To me, it’s these small, little things that I often forget to mention that really show how deep a bond a guide dog team share. That intimate knowledge that a team has of each other is honestly my favorite thing about being a handler.

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