DQII #7: Crest Fetching

Now that I have a full party once again, it is far less frustrating traveling1 and so we continue exploring the world. Our first stop is back to the world tree to get another leaf and then just to the west the party checks out the town of Wellgarth.

Wellgarth seems to only contain a locked door, a dog, and a man stating he's been left behind by all the other residents.

All that’s here are a dog, a lone man, and an obvious golden key door.

Obtaining the sun crest at the Fire Monolith

Next, we follow one of the leads from Beran and head to the Fire Monolith to obtain the sun crest. In typical DQ fashion it is hidden where you might expect to fall out of the area.

With Maria in the party, we revisit Moonbrooke where the king has a lot of new dialogue. The remake has expanded this exchange greatly from the original, which only contains the DQI throwback about not being able to hear or see anything.2 In the NA release the line was changed into a rather awful pun about being fired.

Continuing the search for crests, the party heads to Ostefair. Inside the castle, the people are concerned about their king’s obsession with battle. Despite the warning of possible injury or death, we speak with the king who challenges us to entertain him for a prize.

The king releases a saber lion on us. It hits pretty hard for our level, but the fight itself isn’t tough.

True to his word, the king rewards us for our victory and hands over the moon crest. Two crests down, three more to go!

  1. Maria does have Repel, but it doesn’t last very long and is almost more annoying to use than fighting the numerous random encounters.
  2. In Brecconary there is a soldier who says a similar line.

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