DQII #9: Crest Fetching, Part Two

Somehow I skipped over a few screenshots when writing my last post and I can’t believe what I ended up not sharing!

I won the lottery! I quite literally lucked out. I’ve never won the lottery before, which is probably not surprising to anyone since trying to time it out is difficult even without a visual impairment. And I most certainly didn’t expect to land on the grand prize!

Anyway, now that we’ve achieved keymaster status we continue backtracking to open the remaining locked doors. In Hamlin we learn from this old man that the crests we’re searching for are needed to call forth the spirit of Rubiss.

The path to the old man goes underground passed a cell holding two ozwargs. I remember this fight being a bit tough, but either my levels were in the perfect range or the remake has really toned things down. After defeating them, we search the cell and find the water crest! I honestly don’t know if there’s a clue about this crest, but the echoing flute reveals there is a hidden crest if played down here.

Obtaining the dew's yarn on the third floor of the northern tower of the Dragon's Horn

Back at Tantegel Castle we find the missing king hiding out above the weapon shop and also discover one of the components of the Water Flying Cloth can be found on the third floor of the Dragon’s Horn’s northern tower. Searching for it was basically a nightmare since it randomly appears on any tile1 and I think in the remake you need to be squarely on the tile to actually search it, which meant I walked over that tile at least once without finding the item. Eventually I went tile-by-tile and some twenty minutes of searching later I finally found the dew’s yarn.

To the west of Moonbrooke is a small island where the Lighthouse sits. Outside a man provides us with a cryptic hint that inside is a crest. Inside we find an old man who offers to guide us to the crest. It’s possible my console was being glitchy, but following him in the remake was very awkward. Each floor the game would freeze my movement during the old man’s walking animation and he’d disappear when he scrolled off screen. It actually made finding the route on a few floors a bit of trial-and-error since I couldn’t see which path he took.

Ultimately the old man brings us to a chest. However, it’s empty. Then to absolutely no one’s surprise the old man reveals he’s actually our enemy and a battle with four gremlins ensues. It’s no more difficult than anything else within the dungeon and is over in two rounds.

Clearing out the gremlins reveals the star crest. Only one more crest left!

Obtaining the magic loom

Now that Kain is 17, we can safely cross the large barrier in the Zahan temple to reach the magic loom on the left side. Additionally, in the remake the room on the right contains a wizard’s ring.

Battle with a metal babble

Now that we have both items needed to make the Water Flying Clothes, we make our way to Tuhn. This initial trip requires a lengthy walk through the mountains. The enemies here are pretty tough for us, but the encounter rate isn’t too bad. We did run into a metal babble, which is basically a stronger version of a metal slime and gives higher experience. As I expected, though, it ran off.

In Tuhn we learn that the moon fragment lies within the Tower of the Moon, which is just to the south of Tuhn.

We also find Don Mahone and hand over the dew’s yarn and magic loom for him to weave the Water Flying Cloth.

Using the watergate key to allow Tuhn's water to flow

Don Mahone says it will take a day to make the Water Flying Cloth, but what he really means is that I need to save and quit. Before doing that, though, I use the watergate key to open the flow of water back into the area as requested by a town resident. The remake has some very fancy animation added for this, but the real benefit is back on the overworld where a patch of impassable sand has now turned into a channel we can sail. This not only allows us to bypass the long walk through the mountains, but gives us access to the aforementioned Tower of the Moon.

Returning to Don Mahone the “next day” he has completed the Water Flying Cloth, which he hands over with a bit of flattery directed at Maria.

  1. In my experience it usually ends up being very close to the stairs.

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