DQII #8: Collect-a-thon

Continuing our search for crests, we visit Zahan. A man at the inn explains that all the men died when their ship was attacked, which is why there are only women here. Except, you know, for the man at the inn.

Not surprisingly the women mostly talk about the missing men, but a few pass along some information about the moon fragment. Seems it’s required to enter a cave that’s surrounded by coral.

The other big piece of information in Zahan is about this dog. He belongs to Tashisun, who is rumored to have the golden key,1 and he loves dogs. Another person will mention that the dog is acting strange, which of course is the cue to talk with the dog. He barks at us and leads us to a random spot where we discover the golden key!

A priestess at the temple warns the party about the incredibly large barrier within.

Another noteworthy thing in Zahan is this huge barrier. Unlike the Dragonlord’s castle, this one is a bit too large to just heal my way across so we’ll have to wait for Kain to get Safe Passage Stepguard at 17.

Sailing the incredibly short distance from Zahan to its monolith on an adjacent island

With yet another key in our limited inventory it’s time to backtrack a bit and open more locked doors. First, we sail west a distance so short we honestly should be capable of leaping it.

On this tiny island is a monolith and inside is a travel door which brings us back to Midenhall Castle.

The first golden door we unlock is to the treasury where a rather confused guard reprimands the party for attempting to steal. He then recognizes Prince Roto and allows us to loot the room. Literally, the only thing of value here is Erdrick’s Token. The rest of the chests are either empty or contain random low value junk.

Obtaining Erdrick's Sheild from a chest behind a golden key door in Cannock Castle

Behind a locked door in Cannock Castle, we find Erdrick’s Shield. It dawns on me that the room is surrounded by water and this old man has been locked in here. . . .

Obtaining the Armor of Gaia from a chest in the armor shop

In Ostefair Castle, we unlock the back entrance to the armor shop. Strangely, the merchant’s only concern is that we talk to him from across the counter to conduct business. Since he doesn’t seem to care, we help ourselves to the Armor of Gaia hidden in one of the chests back here.

Behind the locked door in Wellgarth we find the entire town has moved underground. We also discover from one of the residents that the jailor’s key is being sold here and right across from him is an item shop selling a mysteriously hidden something. Turns out it’s the jailor’s key!

As per usual the residents here have a lot of information to share. We learn the spirit mentioned back at the Fire Monolith is that of Rubiss. We also hear about the master weaver Don Mahone who can make the Water Flying Clothes, arguably the best armor for Maria.

Over on the east side of Wellgarth a prisoner tells us we’ll need the Eye of Malroth to open the path to Rhone, where Hargon is.

The cell across from him appears empty and the guard says the thief he locked inside seems to have escaped. He must not have searched very hard because we find Rogue Fastfinger hiding in a hole in the cell wall. For no specific reason he apologizes and gives us the watergate key.

Obtaining the Erdrick's Helmet from the Holy Monolith

Our collection quest continues back at the Holy Monolith. With Erdrick’s Token the man inside changes his tune and states he’s been waiting for us so he can pass on yet another piece of Erdrick’s equipment: his helmet.

Below Midenhall Castle are prisoners. If you talk to the one before obtaining the jailor’s key, he’ll promise to give you important information if you can release him. Since we have the key, he tells us the location of the life crest.

In the next cell, behind a barrier, we discover one of Hargon’s servants.

And a fight with the mace master ensues! As you can see by our HP the fight is not easy, but it’s definitely worth it because he drops the Staff of Thunder, which is a terrific weapon for Maria because it has decent attack power and casts Infernos.2 It’s actually worth a good chunk of gold, too. In the original there’s a glitch of sorts that allows you to respawn the battle by selling the staff and make limitless gold. I assume it’s still present in the remake, but I won’t be utilizing it.

  1. A fact that I’m aware of, but the party hasn’t learned because I don’t have any memory of the information chain about the various keys and I haven’t yet run into the random person who drops that specific clue.
  2. In the remake it’s actually an unnamed lightning-based spell.

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