“Tales of Xillia” Trophy Hunting

Following this incredible guide, I am 11 trophies away from obtaining the platinum for Tales of Xillia. I’ve never bothered with trophy hunting before, but even after this brief introduction I can totally see the appeal.

I’ll likely have a more detailed review of sorts posted once I’m done, but I do have a few thoughts about some of the trophies. Not to mention a few additional tips I found useful.

Specialist in Rare Monsters
Despite what the above-linked guide says, I didn’t find I had to grind many of the trophies specifically. Though I did fight every encounter in each new area, which arguably was grinding in and of itself. But this specific trophy is definitely one that requires extra effort. The monsters are called “rare” for a reason and it’s just a random chance if an encounter will appear in a zone. Also, given my poor vision I’m pretty sure I missed a lot of these because the warning symbol indicator isn’t entirely obvious to me.

However, I had 38 rare encounters after going through Jude’s side and that included all four types of bacuras. In fact, I actually ran into a rare bacura, which was quite interesting.1 Anyway, grinding this out at the SW entrance to Sapstrath Deepwood is absolutely the best method. I personally found it best to set Elize as the party leader so she’s the character on screen. She’s so short that there’s no need to move the camera around as you zone, which makes it easier and faster to check the two monsters in the area for warning icons. I think it took me about 30 minutes to get the trophy to pop.

If this one hasn’t already popped by the time Milla has regained control of the Four Great Spirits, it is ridiculously easy to get after that. Every single cast counts so you can just spam each of the Four against enemies weak to their specific element. I didn’t have to bother, but you could set her with Minimum Damage and spam attacks to an even further degree.

Forger of Chains
Playing through the first time this was the trophy I figured I would never get. I just could not get the hang of chaining linked artes. Partly this was due to the fact I’m color blind and couldn’t tell when the gauge was full so I was never quite prepared to chain when I set off a linked arte. But mostly it was that I hadn’t really gotten a good grasp on the combat system.

Anyway, going through the game again I have a much better understanding and actually I found that an even easier way to set up chains is to use the Right Stick rather than the guide’s suggestion of the normal Left Stick settings. This way you only have to move the stick to activate another linked arte, which alleviates one entire button press. Plus Jude and Milla have so many linked artes you can easily set 8 and not overlap on any others you have set as your regular attacks on the Left Stick and risk breaking your chain. Also, the guide doesn’t mention it, but having the Extended Window or Casting Window skill is also handy because it gives you a bit of extra time to set off a linked arte and initially begin a chain.

I also found it advantageous when building up the link gauge to have a partner whose skill related to the enemies.2 For instance, when fighting enemies that knock you down a lot I would link with Jude who would constantly Restore me back to my feet. Whenever my gauge was full I’d start the next battle, link Jude and Milla and just spam a link chain until it ended. Unfortunately, most of the time outside of boss battles, I find that you often can’t get a good chain off before the battle ends. I think the most I ever got outside bosses was four or five and those were mostly in the later areas. But going through Jude’s side with this strategy I had the trophy pop before I cleared the game.

Snap Pivot Adept
In my first playthrough of the game I only managed to activate Snap Pivot five times and I didn’t even know what I’d done! I practiced a bunch on that clear file before starting a new file for trophy hunting and while I agree this is one that is best left grinded out, I personally think it’s worth doing during Chapter 2 rather than saving for endgame or NG+.

Near the start of Chapter 2 you’ll have control of Jude regardless of which side you’re playing. There’s a scripted event against one of those boar enemies mentioned in the guide and since Jude is fighting solo you don’t have to worry about setting Strategy or anything. Granted I didn’t have to grind the entire 150 in that fight.3 It’s a great time to practice, in my opinion, because Snap Pivot is really helpful for the following boss fight.

Oh, and if you have the Cross Counter skill, you’ll want to take that off so Jude doesn’t end up killing the boar just by defending.

Career Thief
The guide makes Item Steal out to be one of the easier partner skills to do, but I had the hardest time getting this trophy. In fact, it was the only one of the partner skills I actively had to grind out. I partnered with Leia for over an hour in total, knocking enemies over and rather than steal she’d attack or run off and cast something or just randomly do anything except steal despite what I set in the Strategy. It was truly frustrating, which is saying a lot since working on Elongated Staff was also pretty awful.

  1. It still only counts as one encounter, unfortunately.
  2. The gauge fills incrementally by using linked artes or when a partner skill is activated.
  3. I think I was about 1/3 through already since I’d been trying to practice now and again during random encounters.

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