DQII #4: Channel Crossing

Grinding around Hamlin, I get Maria a few levels fairly quickly. At level 4 she learns Woosh Infernos and can actually contribute to the party’s offense.

We head east to the Tower of Wind where the Cloak of Wind is rumored to be hidden. Inside the dungeon a man warns about falling off the edge. More about that in a bit.

I really love Sugiyama’s work on the DQ games, but this is not one of my favorites. It’s a fine piece of music in its own right. It just did its job too well for me when I was a kid, making me feel every step I took was perilous. I don’t find it as unnerving now, but I also think the enhanced version in the remake isn’t quite as severe.

There’s not much to the tower. The Cloak of Wind is here, as previously mentioned, and there’s a chest with a wizard’s ring in the remake. The enemies are a bit tougher than those outside, but they aren’t exactly challenging. It’s a deceptively tame dungeon if you don’t know what’s to come later.

The party was warned about accidentally falling off the edge earlier, but intentionally leaping off the tower is another matter. Despite the height, we land safely back outside the tower on the overworld. Since Kain hasn’t learned Outside yet this serves as a handy way to quickly exit the dungeon and it’s a mechanic used throughout the series.

To the west of Moonbrooke is a monolith. Inside is a guy who seems in awe of my party . . . and also a bridge across the channel. Where did that come from?

The first encounter I had on the other side of the channel had a metal slime in it. Maria took out the rats with Infernos and Roto scored a critical on the slime before it had a chance to run off. Woot! Level ups for everyone!

On the overworld, outside the southern Dragon's Horn Tower

Further northwest is another channel with a tower on each side. Inside a man provides a cryptic hint about the connection between the two towers.

There’s no random bridge this time. Instead, there is a section of wall missing and it just so happens we have the Cloak of Wind, which rumor says will allow its wearer to soar. And so as before, leaping off the edge is harmless, but with the cloak equipped we gain a bit of distance and make it across the channel. Personally, it seems like an awkward means of transportation, but it does provide access to a whole new area to explore.

On the northern side of the channel, the party finds the town of Lianport.

Even in medieval fantasy, men are pigs.

A Lianport woman asks: "Don't you think I'm cute? Do you want a puff puff?"

Hey, it’s the puff puff girl again.

There’s no subtlety here about the next major destination; almost everyone tells us about Alefgard across the eastern sea. Lucky for us we happen to be in a port town with a ship at the dock. The nearby old man, however, won’t let a random group of strangers take it. Royal status doesn’t seem to get you anywhere in DQII.

Approaching the northwest corner of town, a little girl comes running over to the party. In hot pursuit are two gremlins who demand we hand her over.

Okay, here’s where not referencing a guide could have been a bad idea. I didn’t remember the exchange above triggered a fight and I hadn’t rested after going through the tower and traveling to town. Anyway, despite not being full on health or magic, it wasn’t difficult. Since they’re a group, Maria’s Infernos spell can hit them both and it does a fair amount of damage.

Turns out the old man by the port is the little girl’s grandfather. He’s so overjoyed at her rescue that he hands over the ship. He then tells us we can sail wherever we want. Because I guess we must be dumbfounded by his generosity or we’re so travel worn he thought we might pawn it.

Before venturing out into the vast world now accessible with the ship, we head just around the corner from the dock to a locked door in town. The man inside tells us about the sunken treasures. He reminds of the man in Garinham who said Gwaelin was to the east because seriously there is a lot of sea in the world.


  1. The percussion on the tower music makes me think of a typewriter.

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