DQI #5: Collection Quest

In case it wasn’t abundantly obvious, I’m playing farther ahead than these posts and it was at this point in my DQI playthrough that I picked up Radiant Historia on the side. For the most part I don’t play more than one game at a time because I find that often leads to me losing interest in both,1 but in this case I used it as an incentive to keep myself going. Why? Because I had a lot of grinding to do. Four levels may not seem like much, but it took basically forever and it was boring to the point I practically lulled myself to sleep near the end.

Loto levels up to 17

At level 17 I learn Healmore, which does as the name implies, and will be of great use against the next area’s stronger enemies. All that grinding also meant I had amassed quite a bit of gold, so I pick up the magic armor in Rimulder. It’s quite nice for grinding since it heals one HP every two steps, but there’s an even better piece of armor that I’ll be getting soon enough. There are also some incredibly expensive purchases coming up that make this a pointless investment unless you are as flush with gold as I am.

On the overworld outside of the Southern Shrine

There wasn’t much else to break up the monotony of grinding, but this shrine was mentioned in Rimulder. . . .

Without proof of being Erdrick's descendant the old wise man kicks Loto out of the Southern Shrine Without proof of being Erdrick's descendant the old wise man kicks Loto out of the Southern Shrine

The old man inside is not as civil as either of the previous wise men and without the proof he demands, he promptly kicks me out of the Southern Shrine. Since there’s nothing more to be done here presently, I move on to the only other accessible area I’ve yet to explore.

Encounter with a metal slime

Metal slimes are notorious enemies in the DQ series. They net a lot of experience, but killing them is no easy task since they have incredibly high defense and are extremely likely to run. Of the forty different monsters in DQI, metal slimes give the most experience, but they’re really not worth the trouble. In later titles they can be a great way to grind, though.

Outside Cantlin on the overworld

I had to consult a map at this point because I was getting increasingly frustrated at my lack of navigational ability on the way to Cantlin. Unfortunately, as so many people have warned, the golem is barring the way into the city.

Battle with the golem outside Cantlin Battle with the golem outside Cantlin

This boss fight is a synch: play the fairy flute to put the golem to sleep, attack him until he wakes up, and repeat as necessary until he’s dead. Just don’t accidentally “flee” instead of “item” like I did because he hits very hard. This is the other battle that was changed in the remake, by the way. Interestingly, no one inside Cantlin seems to mind that I destroyed their guardian. Unless none of them were aware of the giant hanging out right in the entrance?

Visiting the vault

My first stop in town is the vault to unload the fairy flute and free up a much needed inventory slot. This is another staple of DQ games and is an addition made in the remake; there’s also one back in Brecconary. In later games, when inventory space is less limited, its use is merely to store gold because it costs you half of whatever amount in gold you’re carrying when your entire party dies.

Weapon shop in Cantlin Weapon shop in Cantlin
Weapon shop in Cantlin

Cantlin is filled with shops and at first glance there doesn’t seem to be anything new, but hidden behind a locked door is a shop selling the best equipment you can purchase. There are only three shields in the game and the silver shield is the best, so definitely make sure to get that. I would only get the flame sword if you have the gold to spend because (a.) in the remake it can be found in a chest and more importantly (b.) it won’t be long before finding Erdrick’s legendary sword. By the way, in the remake the flame sword can also be used in battle to cast Sizz Fireball.

The town is also filled with people talking about Erdrick’s Armor. It’s a roundabout story, but the crucial information is that the armor is buried somewhere in Hauksness.

Loto is told to speak with a man about the token

The temple he’s referring to is actually just below this screenshot, but there’s a rather lengthy barrier to cross. I probably have enough MP to survive the damage tiles, but rather than risk it I decide to go searching for new armor.

On the overworld outside of Hauksness

Over to the west is the town of Hauksness.

The deserted ruins of Hauksness

Rumor was that a town had been ravaged by demons. This would be said town and it’s absolutely crawling with powerful enemies.

Battle with the axe knight in Haukness Battle with the axe knight in Haukness

Over to the east the axe knight waits. Again, I hesitate to call it a boss since it can be encountered randomly and there will always be one on that exact tile.2 Nevertheless, it’s an easy enough fight.

Obtaining the armor of Erdrick

Searching by this tree reveals Erdrick’s armor. Saying this is the best armor in the game doesn’t begin to explain how amazing it is. Obviously, it provides the highest defense, but it also heals 1HP per step and makes you immune to poisonous swamps and barriers. I’ve also read online that it gives you resistance to StopSpell.

Loto learns the location of Erdrick's Token Loto learns the location of Erdrick's Token

Back in Cantlin, behind the locked door, and across the absurdly long barrier is the temple mentioned earlier. The old man here tells me where the token is, which according to DQI logic is Important Information since he’s behind a barrier. I guess expecting some context is asking too much.

Loto finds Erdrick's Token in a vast swamp by using Gwaelin's Love Loto finds Erdrick's Token in a vast swamp by using Gwaelin's Love

Using Gwaelin’s Love, it’s easy to find the exact spot the old man mentioned and retrieve . . . Erdrick’s Token! I guess trudging around a swamp for no discernible reason is the Alefgard test of a true hero. If you didn’t save the princess, you’ll have to wander about and randomly search to get the token, which makes it seem a rather flimsy proof of being Erdrick’s descendant. I call shenanigans.

I’ve never quite understood this part. If the old man is creating the rainbow drop from the staff of rain and stones of sunlight, how did Erdrick entrust it to someone in the first place? Tumblr had some thoughts on this and there was quite a bit of backandforth, but mystery aside, if you’ve managed to keep all the random tidbits NPCs have said along the way straight, you might have figured out there’s not much left to do at this point aside from taking on the Dragonlord. Well, and grind some more. . . .

  1. Also, it’s very confusing when games have different control settings.
  2. It’s a great place to grind, actually.

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