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Cookie the Penguin

How have I never shared this before?

Impossibly cute as he is, Cookie actually is not a baby penguin. I believe he was seven when this video was shot. He is a full-sized little or fairy penguin. They’re native to Australia and New Zealand. Cookie, however, resides at the Cincinnati Zoo.


Nothing too interesting has been going on of late. I did get my computer back finally, but I haven’t been on it much. Mostly because I’m very frustrated with job searching and I think I basically associate the phone and computer with this task.

Instead I’ve been reading a lot. And playing video games. Of note, I just got this:

Screenshot from Persona 3 Portable - text reads: "Obtained Platinum Bookmark."

It doesn’t look like much unless you’re familiar with Persona 3 Portable. But it’s the reward of sorts for beating one of the secret bosses. This particular boss can’t even be fought until a New Game Plus and so yes I did beat the game. The fight itself is not so much difficult as it is a lot of work to prepare for and even then is mostly about luck. It took me five tries before RNG worked in my favor. One of those times, however, was a death because I was critically hit,1 which point of fact was the only critical I received in all six runs through this battle.

Usually I don’t care whether I completely 100% a game, but aside from this particular battle I’ve had surprisingly good luck in getting most of the side quests and such accomplished. I don’t know if I’ll actually get everything done, but I am tempted to at least play through again with the alternate female protagonist. In any event, I’ve had just about as much fun with this game as I did with Persona 4 Golden, which also has a secret NG+ boss that I will probably fight sometime, too.

  1. In the Persona games, you can receive a follow up attack if you knock an enemy down by either getting a critical hit or exploiting an enemy’s weakness. In this fight the boss acts twice per turn, so got three successive blows on me with the critical. Even if I’d been at full health I would have only barely survived.