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Buds of Spring

I really don’t understand all the griping about today’s dreary weather. Considering just a few short weeks ago there was inches of snow on the ground, a little rain is hardly getting me down.

But just as a reminder of the season, here’s the tree in front of my house starting to show signs of Spring:

Tree in front of my house with new leaves sprouting

ADBC Extension

I’m not sure exactly what if any specific cause there is for the lack of contributions to the 15th ADBC, but so far I’ve only received three submissions. I admit my own efforts in advertising have fallen a bit by the wayside between the holidays and a suddenly very packed schedule, so I apologize for that lapse.

In any event, I’m going to extend the deadline through to 11:59 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, May 7th. That’s an even two weeks from today!

Welcome Home, Dolly!

One of the main reasons I hate moving is because inevitably something always gets lost. Case in point, I’ve been trying to locate a box of pictures for something like ten years now. Among the photos in this box are the portraits taken during my training at Guiding Eyes.

Well, I still haven’t found the box, but Dolly’s puppy raiser did send me this:

Portrait of Dolly in harness

I’ve been rather persistently pestering her for either of the portraits she has copies of to make . . . well, you’ll find out when the intended recipient does. For now, I am ever so pleased to say this lovely lady is hanging in my dining room.


Because Photoshop can be fun to play with and also I’ve been working on several different web and graphic projects lately:

Portrait of Yara edited to appear as an oil painting

In other news, today registration begins for the yearly National Service Animal Eye Exam. In fact, I just finished registering Uschi and scheduling her appointment for next month.