“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

The problem with blogging more consistently after a long stretch of inactivity and/or sporadic updates is that often everyone has moved on and it feels a lot like you’re talking to yourself. It’s like starting over from the very beginning with gathering readers. It’s harder now, too, because personal blogs have become almost obsolete in the wake of social media and so if you aren’t maintaining an active and very specific blog you’re just not interesting enough to people. Of course, I’ve never put much stock into booming stats or having tons of comments so it’s not all that different for me. Still, it does feel a bit lonely here sometimes. Maybe I should spruce up the design or something.

Anyway, aside from the brief mention of my major depression I haven’t yet gone into detail about my decline in posting. Of particular note to many is that there haven’t been any new photos here in months, which goes in direct contradiction to my proposed plans for getting more serious about my photography. In fact, you might have noticed that it’s been over a year since I had portraits taken, too. Why? Follow the jump or scroll on to find out, but fair warning to those with weak stomachs.

Close-up shot of Uschi's face near her eye showing a quarter-sized patch of healing raw skin

First, before you freak out about this I want to note the photo actually makes this look worse because the wetness from Uschi’s near-constantly watering eye gives the impression this is a newer, more serious injury. It is in fact a very new scar with some scabbing around the edges.

Nevertheless, yes, she did have a pretty nasty looking patch of raw skin there and it’s been an issue for quite awhile now. She has had issues with watery eyes since her placement. I’ve talked with various vets about this, including an eye specialist, and they all are agree that the issue is not of too much concern because it’s a clear discharge and her eyes are not inflamed. It’s almost certainly due to allergies, though, exactly what she is allergic to I’m not positive of. I do know it’s seasonally related because she has much worse issues in the warmer months and her nose also runs when they are particularly bad.

Last year was awful for allergies in general. Mine were outrageous and Uschi was literally miserable. She usually ignores the watering from her eyes, but when it is bad she’ll rub her face constantly and I assume there’s also some itchiness when things are very bad. Suffice it to say she rubbed her face a lot last summer. Using the carpets as her weapon of choice she managed to literally rub off almost all of the spongy part of her nose. She also had some rawness around her mouth and actually bit me one day when I was pilling her. Oh, and her breath was just raunchy. At the worst point it was so awful that my mother was convinced there was an accident somewhere in the house.

Thankfully the onset of fall brought with it some relief from the allergies so Uschi’s breath returned to normal and her nose and muzzle healed up. However, at some point in there she had scratched herself near her eye (see above picture) and unfortunately the irritation that comes with her constant watery eye made this an incredibly difficult wound to heal even though it started small. I couldn’t cover the cut because of the location and any ointment that I put on it had to be monitored so she wouldn’t rub it in her eye and since her eyes water so much in general it would quickly wash away anything applied topically.

Seriously, it’s been an ongoing issue since the holidays. I wish I’d taken a photograph before so I had something to compare the above one with because it was so very much worse.1 And several times over the last several months it would scab up and I’d think we were making progress only to have Uschi rub off the scab (which was often weakened because of the watery eye) and rip open the cut even farther.

So, I haven’t really taken photos of her because my canine model has been under-the-weather and/or injured, which makes her even more uncooperative than usual to shoot.

  1. Before you ask, it’s not visible in this photo I took last December because I painstakingly Photoshopped it out and presently I can’t find the raw file.


  1. Hi Cyndy,

    I want to speak up to let you know that I am still here, and still reading. I am a mother of a young child with Achromatopsia and I follow your story with interest.

    I think you will find that not all readers have departed, many of us just quietly read without commenting. I’ll comment today in the hope that it may encourage you to keep blogging, your blog is meaningful and I, for one, value it. Thank you for sharing the way you do.

    I am sorry that you have not been doing well recently. I hope that reconnecting with your blogging means that you are feeling better now and that things continue to improve for you.

    Take care of yourself.

    Best wishes

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