Assistance Dog Blog Carnival

[UPDATE: The fifteenth Assistance Dog Blog Carnival is here!]

Why hello there, gentle readers! As you’ve likely surmised from the title above, the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival is now upon us!

Assistance Dog Blog CarnivalAnd once again I’m playing hostess, which means I get the supreme privilege of choosing the theme for this fifteenth1 edition:


The one thing I’ve noticed (and experienced) in many past rounds is that whether the theme is broad or narrow there are always those who have trouble finding something to write about. It is my hope to alleviate that in some way so I’ve thought of this topic in a twofold manner.

The first being interpretations of the topic itself, such as:

  • The empowerment and independence gained through partnering with an assistance dog;
  • The boundaries and limits surpassed when raising/training an assistance dog-to-be;
  • A moment when you felt unburdened;
  • An anecdote about hindrances or restraints and/or how these were overcome;
  • A story about your autonomy in working with or training an assistance dog

Alternately, the second aspect of this topic is the actual state of being free. Meaning that you have no restrictions on what you may write about, whether it’s a previous topic from past editions or a piece you’ve thought up on your own.

Further Information
Suggestions for the topic are merely that, so please feel free to think outside the box or utilize the “free” nature of this topic and expand on your own ideas. Anyone with a blog is welcome to submit a post for the Carnival. You do not have to have an assistance dog or puppy-in-training to participate; however, the post must be related in some way to assistance dogs (i.e., guide dogs, hearing dogs, or service dogs). If you’re interested in participating and you don’t have a blog, I’m more than happy to have you post as a guest here at Gentle Wit. Alternately, there are literally tons of websites where you can create one for free, such as WordPress, Blogger, and LiveJournal.

We do advise you to please make your blog as accessible to potential readers as possible. I’m more than happy to assist with this, you need only ask.

Submissions for the 15th Carnival are due before midnight (11:59 p.m. EDT) on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. However, if you anticipate not being able to meet this deadline, please get in touch with me as soon as possible so I know to expect a post from you. And, while not required, it would be nice if you could note in your post that it is for the 15th Assistance Dog Blog Carnival with a link here to this post.

To submit your post for the Carnival please comment on this post with the following information:

  1. The name of your blog (e.g., Gentle Wit)
  2. The title of your Carnival post (e.g., “An Open Letter to the ‘Public'”)
  3. The link (URL) to your Carnival post (e.g.,
    [Note: My website is set to moderate comments from first-time posters, so if you do not see your comment immediately that is likely why.]

One last thing, it would be a great help if you would promote the Carnival by sharing the link!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached via email, through a comment here, and on any of the social networks listed in the right-hand sidebar.

EDIT: Deadline extended from April 27 to May 7.

  1. This was mistakenly promoted as the “fourteenth” edition due to a rogue past edition, but thankfully the Internet never forgets and it was quickly discovered before it could find a fake passport and wander off into parts unknown.


  1. Blog Name: Through a Guides Eyes
    Post Name: Now This is FREEDOM!
    Post Url:

    • Yay! Thanks for participating in this round of the #ADBC!

      I’m so very sorry that you encountered an error when trying to comment initially, but thank you for alerting me to the situation.

  2. Blog name: A mutt and his pack
    Post name: Freedom
    Post URL:

  3. Blog: Leye-Shprintse Öberg
    Title: Rose Roses VI: Freedom [Assistance Dog Blog Carnival]

  4. Bla this comment field is driving me a wee smidge nuts. Hopefully I’m putting things in the right spot.
    name of the blog: Vomit Comet
    title of post: The Freedom I find in a Guide Dog link to post: sorry for the run on comment, but this thing does not like it if I press enter.

  5. Oh, you’ve changed the deadline date. YAY! I thought it was today, and my post is not ready, and I was going to whine and grovel and ask if I could get it in late. AWESOME. Thank you!

    • No whining or grovelling necessary, especially since my own post isn’t ready either.

    • Hmmm yesterday it was in this little jetpack frame thinggy. Today it looks like the usual run of the mill wordpress commenting thinggy.

      Do you know about forms mode that JAWS has? Basically the thing you turn on when you type? Well every time I would push enter to add a line to my comment, it would turn off, which usually means the comment has been posted…prematurely. It didn’t post, but I was never sure so I stopped pushing enter.

      Today it’s being nice. It could have been my really old JAWS couldn’t handle that commenting style. Who knows…it is 5 versions old.

  6. I didn’t think I was going to get a post written this time around, but then some things happened to spark a semi-relevant idea. Thanks for hosting, and for extending the deadline – I meant to get this up yesterday!
    My blog is L-Squared.Org
    My post title is: Freedom Comes with Responsibilities
    And my post can be found here:

  7. Name: Sharon Wachsler
    Blog: (catchy name, huh?)
    Post: Freedom! I’ve Recovered My Health!

  8. My Blog: ruled by paws
    My blog Address:
    Submission Title: Rogue Is Freedom
    Submission Address:


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