Snowed In

Had a super fun week at Dad’s. Did the holiday thing with family. Ate lots of yummy food. Was entertained by the dogs playing. Went snowmobiling with Keith. Very belatedly took Keith out for his birthday and saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Um, and probably a bunch of other things I’m blanking on. But I’m also glad to be home again, especially given the very wintery weather we’re currently in the midst of.

Anyway, not much to report for my today on my goals. Didn’t bother with yoga today since I got quite a workout with all the shoveling that had to be done. I expect the same will go for tomorrow since it’s currently snowing about quite hard such that it doesn’t even look like there was any shoveling done even though I’ve gone out twice myself and Mom’s also shoveled. Mostly, I spent the day snuggled up under a throw blanket playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf with Uschi curled up beside me doing her best imitation of the most exhausted GSD on the planet.1 Spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to come up with a name for my town. Originally, I was going to go with Mirkwood, since that was my town in the GameCube AC. But eventually I decided on Alastian, which I’ll babble on about another time.

On the job front, I did my usual poking through postings and being totally dejected about the entire process. However, while I was at Dad’s I was alerted to a posting from a local college that interests me very much, so I did get all the necessary paperwork in order to mail off tomorrow.

  1. Interesting how draining a week of nearly nonstop play can be.

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