Haven’t had much in the way to report on the goals, but it’s been a week since I started New Leaf and I have done a LOT in my town.

Day 1

I started playing New Year’s morning and was enthusiastically greeted by Mathilda, Flip, Doc and, of course, Isabelle. I picked a town layout that has Re-Tail, Town Hall and the Event Plaza just right from the entrance to Main Street and the Train Station, so I chose to build my house basically within that cluster. Nook sets up a tent as a temporary home until your down payment is paid, which is a pretty minor 10,000 bells. I couldn’t do most of the first day stuff because it was a holiday and Isabelle was planted in the Event Plaza, but she gave me my first piece of furniture: a zodiac horse. Between selling fruit, the ore rock and the money rock I made more than enough to cover the cost of the tools available and the down payment. I also made a perfect Snowman and started a bingo game.

Day 2

Since my first day activities were blocked by New Year’s, I spent my second day doing all those things. Isabelle has a ton of advice to give and completing them nets you a bunch of handy items like non-native fruit and a watering can. Since my down payment was paid, Nook offered to upgrade my tiny house. I spent the day catching fish and collecting seashells to pay off my first home loan.

Day 3

With my first home loan paid, Tortimer, the former mayor of Alsatian, greeted me on my third day and invited me to take a trip to his vacation home on a tropical island. Unfortunately, you have to wait a day after the invitation to actually go, so I spent my day fishing in town again and paid off my second home loan so Nook would upgrade my house again. I also posted on the bulletin board about the town name for any visitors.1

Day 4

I picked up the matching umbrella to my starting cloths at Able Sisters and forgot to show it off the day before. Anyway, after the usual stuff around town (digging up fossils, looking for the money rock, checking stores, etc.) I took my first trip the island and filled my basket full of fish and bugs. I donated all the new catches to the museum and I was still rolling in bells afterward.

Day 5

Once again I spent the day at the island and since I was getting repeat bugs and fish I made a lot more bells this trip. Still I had a few awesome catches, including a whale shark. Also, it was the first time I was on late and it just so happened to be a night that the aurora was visible. So pretty. Oh, I also talked with Isabelle to enact an ordinance for the town.

Day 6

Busy, busy day! First I created a second character, Uschi! There’s just so much to collect in this game that I knew when I started I would want to use all four characters. And I very much wanted to make sure no villagers moved where I wanted to start my apple orchard. Her house is at the very northwest of town, right between the train tracks and the river.

Beautiful town ordinance went into effect. Also started my first PWP: a second bridge. Visited the island yet again so I could pay off all these things. Oh, and finally had enough Play Coins to get a fortune cookie at Nookling Junction. I won a Metroid. And it snowed for the first time in my town and at a perfect time to try and catch one of the rarest fish in the game: a coelacanth! I have never caught one of these in 10 years of Animal Crossing games and I got this one on the fourth catch. Seriously, I nearly fainted.

Finally, I had my first multiplayer experience. Katie of Seabrite came to visit me and we managed one island tour before we got disconnected. Then, I went to her town and shopped, talked with her villagers, and went on another round of island tours. She gave me a toy hammer, which is possibly the most adorably fun thing ever. You can just run around smacking everything, including other players!

Day 7

One week in Alsatian! Had the ceremony for the completion of the bridge. Also, my house was upgraded for a third time and Uschi’s house was built.

I spent the day all over. I visited Holly in Brill and Amy in Tardis and Katie came over again. I also had another visitor that I won’t name since it wasn’t a great time, but it mostly worked out in the end. Amy and I spent a good few hours on the island going on tours and fishing and bug hunting. I helped her pay off her cafe with all the bug money!

Back in my town, I had two deliveries of goodies from new member promos on Animal Crossing Community. I also started gardening thanks to all the island trips and some gifts from my new friends. :-) I got a slingshot from someone and shot down my first balloon; inside was a balloon hat. And Katrina the fortune teller was in town, so I had my first reading from her. Love the glowing design.

  1. I’m sure I’ll babble on about it more in greater detail here sometime.

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