One of the most counterintuitive things about blogging for me is realizing that people actually come here and read stuff. It never ceases to surprise me that there are people out there that care so much about my little blog and it is incredibly touching when those people take the time to do little things for me like a surprise package containing this adorable little guy:

Small plush Yoshi toy

I thought it was rather appropriate for several reasons. One, this little green dinosaur happens to be the name most people mistakenly use to refer to Uschi.1 And two, since classes are in full swing my personal reading has had to be put on hold, which means my free time has instead been spent playing video games, including some old school Super Mario titles. :-) So, thank you to the generous soul who sent him my way; Yoshi is sitting beside me at my desk where he has the company of a chocobo, a metal slime and more penguins that I care to count. Seriously, guys, I have the best blog readers. <3

Anyway, there was another tactic that’s been lobbied to, uh, get some content going on here and that was by Brooke, who is hosting this round of the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival. Tricky minx that she is, she managed to essentially create an ultimatum by which I can’t not participate in this edition. In any case, the call has gone out for submissions. This topic for this round is “lessons” and posts are due by October 30th. Everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to participate because having an assistance dog is not a requirement. You can learn more about the ADBC by following the previous link or checking out the tag on this post. Also, please help us out by passing the link along to others!

  1. Even after I correct them!

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