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Welcome Back!

If you’re seeing this post, that means that DNS has fully propagated and you’re correctly viewing my website from its new home on the web. Yay!

I’ve checked and rechecked to make sure everything is working, but if you notice anything bizarre or something broken please let me know. So far I’m pleased with the move. I’m not noticing the sluggish server connections or numerous timeouts that were becoming commonplace with my old host.1 Keeping my fingers crossed, though. ;-)

  1. Again, a story for another time.


With luck you won’t notice anything on your end, but I apologize if you experience any brokenness or the like as I’m migrating the site to a new web host.

Here’s hoping this is a more permanent home than the last host1 because this is always a giant project filled with annoyance.

Thanks for understanding, guys.

  1. A story for another time.


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