Operation Office Organization

Well, so much for that daily blogging thing, eh? Sorry for the complete lack of posting, but it’s been a might crazy around here and what wasn’t a distraction from the intarwebs was mostly not worth blathering on about.

I’m still working on that massive office organization project. In fact, just today I achieved quite a milestone by putting my new desk together. See:

Newly assembled desk and set up computer with assorted accessories and office paraphernalia

Not sure what I did that made the computer screen not show up, but it was just the Apple logo so you aren’t really missing anything. And yes, that is totally a chocobo sitting there reading a book. Personally, I think the metal slime is even more unique because, hello, metal slime. Heh.

Anyway, setting up the new desk only required about 20,000 other things to happen before then, which is why the photo literally only shows the desk itself because the rest of the office looks like a bomb went off. However, it is a very clean bomb because I dusted, swept and vacuumed the entire room to a degree that might be borderline obsessive.

This is because (a.) nothing in my office has really moved since I first unpacked my house and (b.) I got a new vacuum. It’s a very spiffy Dyson and it just so happens to be purple. (I didn’t choose the color but since it IS purple I feel this should be mentioned.) Seriously, everything you’ve ever heard about Dyson is true. It’s a monster when it comes to cleaning. I’m pretty diligent with the daily vacuuming because shepherds really do shed a lot, especially when they’re blowing their coats which Uschi just so happens to be doing right now. Really, though, if you looked at what this vacuum was picking up when I empty the canister you’d swear I’d never run one through this house before. It’s both amazing and kind of gross. It’s also remarkably quiet! Even so, Uschi has decided it is the enemy and has been giving it a wide berth like it might suddenly leap to life and eat her. Ha, Purple Puppy-Eater!

But the desk assembly was certainly the most difficult of the project so now that it’s finally done I expect the rest of the organizing to go a bit more smoothly. Even though I’m sure to continue procrastinating. I just got LEGO Lord of the Rings for one, which is entirely addictive. Oh, and there is school and stuff, too.


  1. I’m really in dire need of some office organization myself, but I think it’s going to have to wait till after exams are over.

    • Truth? I’m still not finished working on this because, well, life. Though, my plan is to keep the momentum going straight through the entire house. Should only take me a decade at the rate I’m going. ;-)

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