“A” for Effort

While I was dealing with that whole enrollment disaster a few weeks ago, one of my professors stated rather matter-of-factly that given all the trouble I’d been having I should just get an “A” for the class for all the work I’d put in to actually be in the class. I don’t disagree with him. In fact, I sort of feel that way about my entire degree at this point, but that’s an entirely other story.

Today, in fact, I really feel deserving of an “A” because I have spent quite literally the last two days trying to get my retrieve my schoolwork from my old desktop PC. I can only think that it is feeling the pangs of rejection and wants any excuse left to keep itself attached. Even if that requires testing my stress levels with the most extreme examples in frustration imaginable.

See, the thing is, I’ve become really good about backing up my data. It only took twice loosing everything to get that way. But the point is, I’m now a diligent backer-upper to the point that I got a bit neurotic last year when one of my two external hard drives up and died on me and I was left with no extra storage. (One of the hard drives is dedicated to my iTunes library, photos, and other assorted goodies; like the backup of my websites.) And even though I was transitioning from a PC to a Mac, I had made sure that everything was theoretically accessible for the Big Move. I checked and double-checked even to make sure that the latest synced backup was the one I was transferring.

And yet for some reason the folder with all my schoolwork was not the most recent version. Which meant that none of the work from this semester was in it. And, as luck would have it, I only discovered this after disassembling the PC. After setting it all back up again, though, the problem was not so easily resolved because before moving them to the iMac, I had to do a bunch of random things to allow access through OS X, which I never did because I didn’t have the correct version. The PC, however, didn’t care and very stubbornly refused to load the files at all because it was determined to sync with a different computer to get the “latest version.”

Eventually, I managed to get it all straightened out, though, I couldn’t possibly tell you how.

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