2013 Portraits

Last week Uschi and I had the opportunity for some rather impromptu portraits to be taken. I say “impromptu” because the original plan was merely for me to get photos taken for my renewal passport application, but we ended up having the entire studio to ourselves and so it was actually one of the best in-studio sessions I’ve had with either of the shepherds. For once we weren’t dealing with distractions from other groups (or more specifically their children) and there wasn’t a time limit set upon us so we weren’t rushed along and rather leisurely went through getting pictures.1

I’ve already shared my two favorites from this set, and there are actually a few more that I haven’t included here, but of note you’ll see a handful of shots of just me, including some with me in my new purple glasses. I threw in some “outtakes,” too, since those always seem amusing for all. Enjoy:

  1. I could have done without all the posing, but these are still more organic than anything previously done within a studio.


  1. These are great photo, and you look amazing!

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